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At the Germa Kingdom, several Germa 66 agents rush to see the fight between Sanji and Judge, wondering what Sanji is like. At Yonji’s fortress, Yonji tells the engineer that he told Sanji that he refused to cooperate with the wedding plans because he expected things to be the same as in the past, but ended up getting a hole in his head as a result of his brother overpowering him. . An engineer unsuccessfully tries to repair Yonji’s facial structure with a hammer; he then resorts to using a press machine to press Yonji’s face on both sides, returning him to normal. Yonji wonders how a “good for nothing” person like Sanji was able to outsmart him and vows to make him pay.
Meanwhile, the Germa 66 agents get their first glimpse of Sanji’s fighting prowess and admire the strength he displays even without the raid suit. Sanji kicks the judge who blocks the attack with his arm before berating Sanji for kicking his own father. Sanji retorts that Judge started the fight and again refuses to acknowledge him as his father. Judge continues swinging his spear at Sanji and Sanji says that the only reason he came back to the Germ Kingdom was to protect his crew. The Judge reminds Sanji that backing out of their pact will result in Big Mom’s revenge, and questions whether Sanji would really sacrifice his own family. Sanji tells him again that he only came to protect his crew, while he angrily states that he doesn’t care what happens to his family in such a case, as he no longer considers them family.
During the fight, Sanji remembers snippets of his childhood. He recalls being beaten by Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji after they caught him preparing food for “rats” (an activity they considered “below” royalty). Sanji tried to get the food he had prepared by punching Ichiji in the face, but his brother retaliated with a much stronger force, causing Yonji and Niji to laugh and tell Sanji that even though they were all born on the same day, he was nothing . like them. As Judge and Reiju passed behind them, Sanji called out to his father for help; however, the judge replied that he had no duty to help or even raise a worthless son, and condemned Sanji as a disgrace to their family name. As Reiju laughed, Sanji’s brothers continued their bullying.
Back in the present, Judge asks Sanji if he remembered his past and swings his spear at him, but Sanji blocks it with his Busoshoku Haki-soaked leg. Judge and Germa 66 are surprised to see Sanji’s demonstration of Haki, and Judge offers him a sword, reminding Sanji that he trained him in swordsmanship. However, Sanji refuses to use his hands for anything other than cooking, the onlooker Vinsmoke Reiju does not believe in Sanji’s strength and describes him as a beast. Judge criticizes him for keeping his old habits before jumping high above Sanji, leaving the Germa 66 agents stunned, and Sanji tries to counter Judge’s aerial attack with a Diable Jambe kick. However, Judge blocks it, grabs Sanji’s leg and throws him to the ground, saying that the war is advancing technology as he kicks Sanji with his electrified leg. He then blasts Sanji with the blaster in the back of the shoe. As Judge goes on to tell Sanji that the Germa he once knew is a thing of the past, Sanji questions whether he should really look at his birth family in a higher light, even though they don’t give him any decent memories. Sanji claims that all he holds is his hatred for Judge and reactivates Diable Jambe when Judge orders his men to create a wall between them; this causes the attacking Sanji to hesitate as he tells the men to get out of the way. Much to Sanji’s shock, Judge then stabs one of his men from behind, placing the tip of the spear right in front of Sanji, then channeling electricity through the tip, sending Sanji flying backwards.
Back at the Germa Kingdom’s royal castle, Reiju tends to Sanji’s injuries while expressing his surprise at Sanji’s fighting prowess. However, Sanji shrugs and reiterates his disdain for his family, saying that despite his hope that he would return to find them better, they were even worse now than he remembered. The judge tells him that the soldiers of Germa 66 would give up their lives for their family, and Sanji asks him why he doesn’t use them to try to retake North Blue. The judge explains that an alliance with Big Mom will guarantee their conquest; however, when he refused to hand over one of his “precious sons” to meet her conditions for an alliance, he sought out Sanji, an expendable son he had never truly considered a son. An angry and distraught Sanji notices that Reiju has stopped providing aid and has placed bracelets on his hands – bracelets that, the judge reveals, use the same explosive mechanisms as the collars that world nobles place on their slaves. The judge warns Sanji that he will permanently damage his hands if he tries to escape Whole Cake Island, and further warns him that Big Mom is the only one with the key. Even without this guarantee, Judge notes that the Germ Kingdom soldiers will never let Sanji leave alive, and threatens Sanji with an ultimatum that he has no choice but to go through with the wedding as planned.

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