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Nami is shocked to hear that the man with the gigantic head has a daughter named Lola, remembering Pudding telling them about the older sister who ran away from home in search of a marriage of her own choosing. The man tells Charlotte Cracker to give him his hand because he wanted to see his daughters Lola and Chiffon. Nami remembers how Lola gave her mother’s vivre card to Thriller Bark and realizes that Big Mom is Lola’s mother while the man is her father, surprising Luffy. Suddenly, Randolph arrives on his crane as he charges at the two Straw Hats. Luffy and Nami prepare to defend themselves, but Cracker suddenly knocks Randolph down by yelling at him. Cracker’s scream causes the nearby tree friends to shrivel up and wither, and Luffy and Nami are shocked to notice that they didn’t do this because of Hakim, but because of fear. The tree’s friends wonder what Cracker is doing in the Seducing Woods, and he asks them if he wasn’t good enough there before turning to Randolph and yelling at him for meddling in their affairs. Randolph apologizes and says his crane forced him to come, which the crane says is a lie.
Cracker says that Big Mom is taking the initiative, so she sent him to reliably deal with Luffy, who took down Donquixote Doflamingo and might be too strong for Brûlée. Arriving at the scene, Brûlée takes offense at this, as does the huge tree homie he’s standing on, who is revealed to be Kingbaum’s master of the Seductive Woods. Kingbaum states that no one they targeted has emerged from the Seducing Woods alive, but Cracker says they have no time to play games: the rest of the Vinsmoke family will arrive at Whole Cake Castle the next day and seal. a long-awaited and important alliance with Germa 66. An exasperated Brûlée says she knows as she turns the Straw Hat copies back into animals. Luffy sees her on a tree and mistakes her for a branch. Brûlée takes offense and reveals that she caught Carrot and Chopper in her mirror. Brûlée tells Cracker that she has already managed to capture some of the Straw Hats as she drops the mirror on the ground, shattering it. Luffy talks to Chopper and Carrot, who didn’t get smashed by the mirror, and they tell him to hang on for a while.
Cracker then decides to get back to business by first killing the man with the gigantic head, saying that Big Mom doesn’t care about his demise. The man pleads with Cracker, saying he could be his father, but Cracker says that, like Big Mom, he considered her 43 husbands to be outsiders to the family. Pound asks about his daughters again as Cracker prepares to kill him with his sword, but Luffy suddenly blocks Cracker’s swing. Luffy then kicks Cracker in the arm, forcing him to let go of the man, and Luffy prepares to defend him, whom he has come to love. The friends run in terror, knowing that Cracker is about to fight Luffy, and Nami prepares to flee the place with a man who reveals his name is Pound. Pound remembers that Nami mentioned Lola’s name earlier, but the two are forced to run away from their pursuing friends. As the friends chase after them, Nami pulls out the Vivre Card that Lola gave her that was hidden between her breasts, which glows very brightly, causing the friends to shrink back in horror. Brûlée asks what’s wrong with everyone, and Kingbaum replies that they can’t stand up to Nami because they can feel Big Mom’s powerful soul around them. Suddenly, Luffy is knocked into one of the tree friends by Cracker, who taps his limbs to multiply them, gaining a new weapon with each limb. Cracker says Luffy has no chance of winning. Nami tells Luffy not to do that, but Luffy replies that he doesn’t know any other way to fight.

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