One Piece Manga Chapter 84

One Piece Manga Chapter 84

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Genzo and Nojiko go to rescue Luffy from his underwater trap while Zoro and Sanji take on the Arlong Pirates. Even though Zoro is weakened from the injuries he sustained against Mihawk and Sanji takes a powerful hit from Fish-Man Karate, the two shake off and hug each other.
Zoro and Sanji confront Hatchan and Kuroobi as Luffy sinks helplessly to the bottom of the pool and Arlong laughs at his human weakness. Zoro says he will finish off Hatchan in 5 minutes as he rushes to the fish man. Hatchan spits ink at him and Zoro dodges it, but ends up only cutting off two sections of Hatchan’s spiky hair. Hatchan says that he will forgive Zoro because he can cultivate it, and Sanji notes that Zoro looks weak. Kuroobi tries to attack the distracted cook, but Sanji dodges his punch, saying that the fish shouldn’t insult the cook. As Luffy begins to suffocate upon hitting the bottom of the pool, Hatchan tells Zoro that he is very strong against swordsmen. Zoro raises his sword to attack and Hatchan claps his hands to defend himself, but Zoro cuts him down easily, leaving the swordsman confused as to what the fish man is doing. Hatchan sticks and jumps onto the pillar, which he sticks to. Zoro grows increasingly angry at him for wasting his time, and Hatchan notes that Zoro only uses one sword before saying that he hasn’t taken him seriously yet.
Outside Arlong Park, Johnny and Yosaku think Hatchan is playing mind games with Zoro and decide to go help Luffy. However, Genzo stops them and reminds them that they are badly injured. He says that he will go and help Luffy, and Nojiko and the other residents of Cocoyasi Village offer to help him, but he refuses to avoid being seen by the Arlong Pirates. Nojiko insists on going despite the injury, pointing out that the Straw Hats fought for her sister, and Genzo reluctantly backs down as they head to Arlong Park.
Meanwhile, Zoro collapses and Sanji realizes that the wounds Mihawk gave him still haven’t healed. Hatchan took his opportunity and punched the pillar to fall on top of Zoro, but Zoro quickly stood up and threw the fishman in front of him, causing the pillar to fall on top of him. Zoro collapses again immediately afterward, and Sanji, Johnny, and Yosaku ponder the severity of his injuries. However, Sanji’s distraction allows Kuroobi to hit him and send him into the wall. Kuroobi states that he is a level 40 Fish-Man karate trainee as Sanji, who went through the wall, lands behind the citizens of Cocoyasi Village. With the Straw Hats seemingly defeated, Arlong tells Kuroobi to throw Zoro into the pool. He asks Hatchan when he will get out of the wreckage, and Hatchan explodes in anger, saying that he is the number two swordsman on Fish-Man Island with his six sword style. At first Kuroobi mocks his speech since Zoro was down, but Zoro then stands up and says that the fish six swords were nothing special and that he won’t die until he meets Mihawk again. He tells Johnny and Yosaku to lend him their swords, and as this is happening, Sanji gets up and heads back to Arlong Park, saying that Zeff’s kicks were ten times stronger than Kuroobi’s punch. Meanwhile, Genzo and Nojiko dive down to Luffy while Usopp continues to run away from Chew.

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