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Cracker is sent to fly through his cookie soldiers and some homies as he flies into Sweet City, smashing through the tower and causing the surrounding residents to flee in fear. At Whole Cake Castle, a servant reports to Big Mom that two of the three sweet commanders, Smoothie and Katakuri, have checked in, and Big Mom wonders what’s taking Cracker so long. Cracker hits the edge of the castle and his siblings Charlotte Mont-d’Or, Charlotte Galette, and Charlotte Opera stare at him in shock. Realizing that Luffy probably did it, they declare a state of emergency and lockdown in Sweet City. Meanwhile, Pound emerges from his hiding place and apologizes to Luffy for not believing in him as he was convinced that he had no hope of victory. Nami tells him not to speak his mind the whole time, and Luffy begins to shrink as he reveals that Gear 4 burns a lot of calories. Nami rejoices that they actually defeated the commander of the Four Emperors, but gets mad at Pound for not joining her celebration. Kingbaum muses that he actually went against Big Mom for her Vivre Card, which her children were forbidden to carry just for that reason, and angrily wonders how Nami managed to get one when he admires her more.
However, Pound tells the pirates that they are in a very precarious position because when Sweet Commander Snack was defeated, Cracker sent a fleet out to sea to take revenge, and Big Mom created a storm that manifested her rage, allowing them to quickly defeat the enemy. Pound reveals that Big Mom can control the weather by summoning the storm cloud of Zeus on her left hand and the sun of Prometheus on her right. Once she reaches that point, there’s no stopping her, so Pound begs the pirates to leave before Big Mom finds them. Luffy and Nami reflect on Sanji’s departure and the steps they took to get to him, and Nami realizes that Sanji was supposed to be heading to the Whole Cake Chateau today; therefore, he must prevent him from entering. Luffy tells Kingbaum to take him to the castle.
As the Germa Kingdom carriage travels to the Whole Cake Chateau, the people around it wonder what the commotion is in Sweet City. Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami ride the Kingbaums out of the Seducing Woods, with Nami contacting Chopper through a mirror shard. Chopper tries to reassure Nami, but she keeps yelling and is interrupted, though she also says that Nami couldn’t help them. Carrot then tries to calm Nami down as well, but also screams when the shard is broken and the connection is broken. Meanwhile, Luffy sleeps and continues to shrink and begins to crave meat. Baum then tells Nami that they are approaching Germa 66, and the servant reports to Judge that an unidentified object is heading their way. Luffy jumps off the Baum and runs to Sanji, shocking both him and Yonji, and Nami calls out to Sanji as well, causing Yonji, Niji, and Ichiji to fall in love. Luffy jumps onto the carriage, causing it to tilt, and the Germa 66 guards immediately order him away. Luffy prepares to rescue Sanji, but Sanji is tensed when he remembers the sheer power of their opponents and the threats to his crew and Zeff. He then kicks Luffy out of the carriage, shocking Nami, and tells his crew to leave, calling them dirty and lowly sea criminals. Sanji says his name is Vinsmoke Sanji and that he accepted his life as a prince without telling them because he didn’t want them to feel inferior. He says that he chose the obviously better option of marrying Pudding and tells them to leave, saying that he doesn’t even remember Luffy’s name. However, Luffy doesn’t believe any of Sanji’s words and Yonji tries to step in, but Sanji holds him back as he prepares to teach Luffy a lesson himself.

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