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Still shocked by Sanji’s words, Luffy asks Sanji to clarify what he means. Sanji says he wants them to leave. He thanks them for their efforts to reach him, but says their efforts are futile as his family eagerly watches. Sanji goes on to compare the size and wealth of Big Mom’s crew to the Straw Hats, saying that it should be obvious which option is better for him. He says that he always doubted that someone like Luffy could become the Pirate King, prompting Nami to tell him that he’s gone too far. When he responds by just looking at them, Nami is speechless and Luffy asks the cook if their time together up until now was all a lie. Sanji replies that it took them a long time to figure it out and that it was embarrassing to be associated with them. Deciding that he must literally pound the truth into Luffy, he prepares the Diable Jambe, stunning the onlooker Germ soldiers with a display of flames.
Realizing he meant it, Luffy perks up as Sanji lunges at him. He lands a “Joue Shot” right in Luffy’s face, sending him flying and causing him to lose a tooth. Luffy quickly recovers in the air and lands on his feet to Sanji’s surprise. Sanji tells them to leave again, and Luffy replies that he refuses to fight his cook. In return, Sanji tells him to get out of his sight, which Luffy also refuses, earning himself another kick in the face. Luffy quickly recovers again and gets back to his feet. As he gets up, Sanji has a flashback to when Luffy first asked him to join the crew. Nami yells at Sanji to stop and explains that they went through all this just to bring him back, including fighting Big Mom’s commanders all night. However, Luffy shuts her up and says that he is fine with whatever happens at this point. Sanji questions this as he continues his attack on Luffy’s powered Diable Jambe while Luffy continues to not fight back. To Nami’s dismay, Luffy remains despite the injuries to his legs. Sanji continues to insult Luffy and again encourages them to leave, but Luffy doesn’t budge. Rising into the air to prepare a final attack, Nami begs Sanji to stop and says they will leave. However, Luffy reaffirms that he hasn’t moved an inch, inspiring another flashback from Sanji of Luffy asking the cook to join his crew. Sanji places the flame-powered “Concasser” directly on Luffy’s scalp, finally putting him down.
The watching Germ soldiers are amazed at Sanji’s strength, convinced that he must have Vinsmoke blood running through his veins. Sanji finally turns to go back to his carriage, but is stopped by Nami. She slaps Sanji hard across the face and says goodbye to him very angrily, now calling him “Lord Sanji” rather than her usual “Sanji-kun”. Sanji is unable to meet her eyes and Vinsmoke Judge comments that Sanji has finally broken his bonds as he returns to the carriage. As the carriage pulls away, Luffy rises to his feet and yells that the cook isn’t getting off that easily. He explains that the cooks don’t believe it for a second and that he’s never heard Sanji say something so fake. Meanwhile, Sanji is palming his face, showing an increasing amount of anguish at Luffy’s words. Luffy keeps reminding Sanji of everything they’ve been through together and that he should know it’s not enough to turn his back on his friend. Luffy was able to sense that he wasn’t actually the one feeling the pain the harder and harder Sanji kicked, and Sanji finally burst into tears when he heard it. Nami tries to dissuade Luffy by convincing him that Sanji has finally gone too far, but Luffy continues to call for his cook. Reiju asks Sanji if they should stop again, but he tells them to keep moving because he has another shot of when he first told Luffy about All Blue. Luffy pleads that their adventure still lies ahead and finally declares that he won’t move an inch from his spot until Sanji returns to him. He is not willing to let the “best chef” go so easily and will starve to death if he cannot have another meal prepared by Sanji’s hands. Niji and Yonji laugh at Sanji’s anguish and tears as Sanji relives his torture at the hands of his brother. Luffy announces his hunger strike and that he will not move from that place until Sanji returns, as he cannot become the Pirate King without him.

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