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On the outskirts of Sweet City, amid the bodies of the chess soldiers, Galette holds Nami in place with a liquid substance. Galette expresses her surprise that Nami was able to summon a large lightning bolt, and Nami says that she was able to do it because of the storm clouds that Big Mom created. Meanwhile, Amande pulls out her Meito, Shirauo, on Kingbaum. The tree homie begs her to spare him because he didn’t willingly betray Big Mom, but Amande slowly slices him vertically in half. Kingbaum cries in pain and tells Amanda that he wants his death to be meaningful by making it as painful as possible. Meanwhile, Mont-d’Or stands on two levitating books and praises Luffy, who is able to crush an army right after defeating Cracker. As Luffy fights his way through the other chess soldiers, Opera attacks him with a mass of cream that increases its “sweetness” and burns Luffy’s arm.
Luffy activates Gear 3 and recharges in the Opera House, but suddenly finds himself inside another location where there is nothing proper. Mont-d’Or then appears from the wall and reveals that Luffy is in the “Book World”. Luffy then sees Amanda approaching Nami in the cage and Nami warns him to move away. Suddenly, a book closes over Luffy’s head, bringing him back to the real world, and Luffy is punched from behind and in front by Charlotte Counter and Charlotte Cadenza. Luffy falls to the ground and both halves of the Kingbaum fall as well. Amande then approaches Nami, who rips off her dress and removes Lola’s Vivre card from her bra. Galette understands that this card was the reason the Straw Hats overcame the chess soldiers and escaped from the Enchanting Woods. Amande sees the word “Lola” on the card and the Big Mom pirates start to worry that the Straw Hats killed Lola to get the card. Nami tries to explain that Lola is their friend, but the Big Mom Pirates decide to report it to Big Mom and take the captured Straw Hats with them. Luffy hangs on the ground as he is dragged away, refusing to leave his spot, but Counter stomps on his head.
At Whole Cake Castle, Big Mom agrees to the request Sanji made, shocking him. She agrees to let the Straw Hat Pirates leave the island alive if Sanji goes through with the wedding without fuss, saying that she is a sensible woman. Sanji thanks Big Mom and she reminds him of how much the Straw Hats went against her, though she is willing to forgive it as her main priority is to oversee the marriage and complete the alliance with Germa 66.
Inside the Treasure Room of the Whole Cake Castle, Tamago oversees the three poneglyphs in their possession, reflecting that out of the approximately 30 in existence, only nine are needed to allow them to reach the Story of Laughter and reveal the secrets of the world. Meanwhile, Sweet Commander Charlotte Smoothie squeezes another person, squeezes their juice, and drinks it. Smoothie questions why the extra protection is needed from her, but is willing to do it regardless. Tamago reveals that Pedro has returned for the first time in five years after Pekoms spared his life, so now they must do everything in their power to protect their Road Poneglyph from him. Brook’s withdrawn soul listens from afar and returns to the nearby liquor room where he and Pedro are hiding. Brook reveals to Pedro that the poneglyphs are being guarded by Sweet Commander, causing Pedro to become concerned about their rapidly diminishing chances of success. However, Brook replies that there is no way to leave and come back later with the entire crew, as there would most likely be a fight with them upon returning. Brook asks who Tamago’s target was, and Pedro confirms that it was him. Brook then asks Pedro to be the bait in their operation, which is exactly what Pedro meant.

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