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At Brûlée’s house in the mirror world, Carrot cries for help as Brûlée lowers her into a hot cauldron. Friends nearby look forward to eating rabbit mink meat, and a chained-up Chopper retorts that carrots don’t even taste like rabbit. Brûlée calms him down and says she’s joining Big Mom’s collection of strange animals. However, since Chopper is in Heavy Point, he knows that he can escape his chains simply by transforming, and he can also use Monster Point again if needed. As Carrot approaches the pot, Chopper prepares to take the chance to escape and fight.
Meanwhile, Big Mom takes the Vinsmoke Family (minus Sanji) to the library at Whole Cake Chateau. He opens a very large book and on the page reveals a manticore that escaped from Impel Down two years ago. He then shows them a unicorn and the Vinsmokes are fascinated to see living creatures on the pages of the book. Big Mom reveals that the library is filled with a large number of creatures that never age, kept in books by her son Mont-d’Oro’s ability. She says her latest additions include a centaur from Punk Hazard, a griffin from South Blue and a long-limbed hybrid known as a long-limbed human. Niji is shocked that he’s even keeping humans in the books, and the Judge remarks to Big Mom about the great diversity he’s seen in Totto Land. However, he says that he didn’t see any giants and Big Mom’s expression turns sour and angry, but quickly returns to his normal self and replies that he probably just missed them. The servant then informs Big Mom that they brought the two she asked for, and Big Mom says goodbye to the Vinsmokes. She asks her servant why he’s acting nervous, and he expresses his admiration for the Vinsmokes, and Big Mom tells him to be quiet and not put so much value on what’s out there.
Meanwhile, at the Mont-d’Or prison library, Bobbin, Perospero, Opera and Galette turn the book to page 55, where Luffy and Nami are being held in a cell. Big Mom’s Mushi Den is then placed in front of the two Straw Hats and Luffy yells at her to let him go. Big Mom laughs at his liveliness and says she thought he broke his promise to fight her because he didn’t bring his entire crew. Luffy replies that he still intends to fulfill that promise, but now he’s only here to get Sanji back, even though he’d still fight Big Mom if she showed up. Big Mom and her underlings outside laugh at the statement and Big Mom tells Luffy that he is nothing compared to her and that she can have him killed without having to show herself. Big Mom says that if they give up on saving Sanji, she will free them once the wedding is done, because the wedding is the most important thing to her right now. However, she tells the Straw Hats that if they interfere with her plans, they should prepare to see hell. Big Mom recalls the time Luffy ate his candies on Fish-Man Island and gave his treasure in return, revealing to him that it included a legendary treasure known as Tamatebako. Big Mom wonders why Fish-Man Island released the national treasure, but she loves the box so much that she completely forgives the incident at Fish-Man Island and opens Tamatebako in front of everyone during the wedding ceremony.
Luffy yells at her to be quiet, saying the wedding isn’t happening and asks her to talk to his friend Pudding. Big Mom laughs in disbelief that the Straw Hats are friends with the bride-to-be and asks Nami if she really killed Lola like she heard. Nami vehemently denies this, saying that they were friends with Lola and she gave them Big Mom’s Vivre Card when she told them to tell Big Mom that she was fine and that the Vivre Card would help Big Mom help them. However, Big Mom silences Nami in a fit of rage, saying in a fit of rage that she really wishes Lola was dead and will send hitmen after her if Nami reveals her location. Big Mom reveals that Lola ran away from her most important political marriage ever and that she will never forgive her. Nami is shocked as she remembers meeting Lola at Thriller Bark and how Lola wanted to marry every man she met, and Big Mom shouts that if it wasn’t for Lola’s rebellion, she would have gained enough power to defeat Kaidou, Shanks and even Whitebeard and become the Pirate King. Big Mom says that she will eventually get Lola’s location from Nami, but Luffy yells that her story is boring and says that Lola didn’t have to be a pawn in Big Mom’s rise to power. She challenges the emperor again, saying that she will get Sanji back and finally defeat her.
Meanwhile, in the guest room, Sanji sits on the windowsill with his head in his hands, hoping his colleagues stay safe and don’t do anything rash. Inside the Treasure Room, Tamago and the Chess Soldier try to capture Pedro, who is causing trouble outside. While Pedro distracts everyone, Brook prepares for a special live concert.

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