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Big Mom’s Den Den Mushi hangs up and Bobbin, Perospero, Mont-d’Or, Galette and Opera laugh at Luffy’s taunting of Big Mom. However, Luffy is still adamant in his defiance. Anglais then enters the prison library and reports that there is an intruder in the Treasure Room. In the Queen’s Chamber, Zeus asked Big Mom if Luffy’s actions pissed her off, but she happily denies it, saying that she’s too excited to get her hands on a Germa 66, Tamatebako, and some wedding cake tomorrow to be angered by the modest ​threats. . Big Mom’s hat then receives a signal and reports that an intruder is making a ruckus near the Treasure Room. This angers Big Mom, who questions who it is and wonders if they are after her Tamatebaka. Inside the guest room, Sanji walks around trying his best to accept the marriage because it would prevent his friends from being killed. He knows that his anxiety would make Pudding unhappy, so he tries to focus on his love for Pudding and his desire to make her happy. In Pudding’s room, she walks away from the attendant who just reveals to her that Nami is in possession of Lola’s Vivre Card. The attendant then tells her that Big Mom didn’t approve of the wedding dress she picked out for her and she picked one for her and planned everything that has to happen after the ceremony. Pudding remembers her mother calling her a doll and taking control of the wedding preparations, saying that her daughter will be fine if she obeys her orders. Pudding stepped onto the balcony while it was still raining, despite her attendant’s pleas, and she remembers Lola leaving Whole Cake Island several years ago. Lola assured her that Big Mama wouldn’t kill her because they were family, and that she would decide the marriage on her own.
In the corridors of Whole Cake Castle, Pedro races through them as Big Mom’s soldiers report that the security in the Treasure Room has been blown and that Pedro has a bomb. Pedro runs towards the soldiers and cuts them down without losing speed. He then jumps onto the wall and runs along it while the soldiers shoot at him. Pedro then throws his bomb at them, causing a large explosion as he falls back to the floor. Tamago follows Pedro’s journey and plans to trap him in the garden when he is contacted by Charlotte Smoothie. Smoothie reveals that Tamago was right and there is a second intruder, with Pedro acting as bait. The second intruder sneaks into the Treasure Room and locks it, but since there is only one door to the room, they can wait and kill him once he gets out. However, Tamago states that since the other intruder is just a skeleton, Smoothie needs to capture him alive in order to be included in Big Mom’s collection. Meanwhile, Brook stands in the Treasure Room and praises Pedro for taking a large part of the security. One of the guards looks on in amazement at Brook’s strange appearance, and the Chess Soldiers attack to get him to Big Mom. Brook notes that the chess soldiers are all dudes, so they act on what their souls tell them, and when he encounters the soldiers, he plays his guitar and his soul ignites, causing the soldiers to collapse and unable to resist the power. his soul.
Meanwhile, Pudding enters the prison library and she asks Opera to let her into Luffy and Nami’s prison cell. The chess soldier puts in a bookmark and allows Pudding to enter Luffy and Nami’s cell and Luffy tells her that they went to the coast where she told them to go. Pudding apologizes to the two for allowing her siblings to attack them and for not making it to shore. While Sanji is picking flowers, Pudding reveals that he proposed to her, but she knows it’s because he’s kind and it’s her fault. She says she won’t marry Sanji until she whispers something to Luffy and Nami, which shocks them. Luffy yells at Pudding, but she tearfully steps away from the book before saying goodbye to them.

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