One Piece Manga Chapter 85

One Piece Manga Chapter 85

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Despite his severe injuries, Zoro continues to fight Hatchan and defeats him, despite the fishman having six swords to his three. Sanji then confronts Kuroobi while Genzo and Nojiko go underwater to try and save the drowning Luffy.
Johnny and Yosaku, though worried about Zoro’s injuries, know that their friend is the only one who can stand up to Hatchan, and throw their swords at him as he puts on the scarf. Even as he builds himself up with confidence, Zoro knows he could pass out at any moment, and as Hatchan prepares to overwhelm him with his Six Sword Style, Zoro doesn’t make a move to grab Johnny and Yosaka’s swords, much to their shock. However, at the last second, Zoro dodges Hatchan’s stab with three swords, grabs Johnny and Yosaku’s swords, and tries to attack the fish man. Hatchan jumps out of the way, sure that Zoro won’t be able to deal with all six of his swords, but Zoro deflects his blows and slashes him squarely across the chest.
The Fishmen, the villagers, and Johnny and Yosaku are stunned by Zoro’s attack, but Hatchan’s injury only angers him. He states that Zoro cannot logically defeat him since Zoro has three swords to his six, but Zoro counters that their blades have a different weight as he remembers his encounter with Mihawk. Hatchan doesn’t understand his remark because his swords physically weigh more, 300 kilograms each, but Zoro doesn’t say any more as Hatchan starts attacking again. They gather all their swords and stab them at Zoro and Zoro counters them. However, Hatchan suddenly spread his arms and in different directions, moving Zoro’s arms around, leaving him exposed. Hatchan then punches Zoro in the head and sends him flying into the air, knocking him to the brink of unconsciousness. Hatchan swings his swords overhead to dice Zoro when he hits them, but Zoro is able to swing over his swords and cut his hands. Hatchan drops his swords and writhes in pain, becoming even more angry as he prepares to finish off Zoro. Intent on pushing his limits and not passing out, Zoro meets Hatchan’s frontal attack. He then manages to break Hatchan’s swords and tells him that this is what he meant by their swords having different weights. Hatchan tries to attack with quick strikes, but Zoro slashes him with a wind slash, sending him flying into the air and landing on the ground defeated.
Kuroobi then prepares to attack Zoro, but Sanji blocks his strike. Kuroobi is surprised that he managed to survive after taking one of his hits, but Sanji says that even the people of Baratia could have taken it, causing Kuroobi to state that he is underestimated. Meanwhile, Genzo and Nojiko attempt to break the rock Luffy is trapped at the bottom of the pool, with Luffy having already swallowed a lot of water. Genzo can’t break the rock because they both quickly run out of oxygen, but then they get an idea.

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