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Chopper and Carrot race through the mirror world, looking into various mirrors around Sweet City. They are only able to find citizens who are afraid to see them in mirrors, especially when the two peek into the bathrooms. Inside the mirror world, they ride a trolley pulled by Diesel and try to wake up Charlotte Brûlée to find the Whole Cake lock. Chopper states that they can travel in and out of the mirrors as long as they are in contact with Brûlée, so it should be easy to enter the castle and reunite with Luffy and Nami once they get there.
In Sanji’s guest room, he berates the poor quality of the bento he made for the pudding. She decides to just eat the leftovers and gleefully imagines a romantic interaction with Pudding. She rushes out with a bento and a bunch of flowers, and Eggplant Soldier asks if she’s going for a walk. Sanji replies that he gets some healing power from his single beam of light, confusing the servant.
In the Prison Library, Nami tells Luffy to stop as she pulls on the stake that binds his hands to the cell and spins around, with Opera calling it a pointless fight. Nami says that Luffy will rip his hands off if he keeps fighting and Luffy replies that that’s the point because they needed to get out and he’d rather lose his hands than die here. He says that he doesn’t want his life to end by staying here and waiting for help before Big Mom finally kills him, and tells Nami to rip her hands off too, which she vehemently refuses. Luffy says he’ll help her after and continues to fight despite Nami’s screams.
In the courtyard on the third floor, Pedro and Tamago begin their confrontation. During the battle, Pedro remembers how he and his former colleague Zepo found out five years ago that Pekoms had joined Big Mom’s pirates, and in the present, both he and Tamago say that the other won’t come out of this battle with just the loss of an eye. As they clash swords, Pedro remembers standing in front of a roulette wheel five years ago, with Zepo spinning it on the option of 100 years to live. However, he only had 30 years left to live, so Big Mama killed him, leaving a grieving Pedro with 70 more years left. In the present, Tamago claims that he not only has better range than Pedro, but also wears tights that prevent him from affecting Electro. Five years ago, Pekoms tearfully begged for Pedro’s life, and Big Mom decided to be lenient and take only 60 years as retribution for Pedro taking Tamago’s eye. However, Pedro removed his left eye, saying that he needed to return to his country and watch the dawn of the world. Overwhelmed, Big Mom decided she would only last 50 years and allow Pedro to move on with his life. Back in the present, Tamago kicks Pedro in the face, sending him back, and again asks Pedro why he returned to the land where he lost almost everything. Pedro replies that the Straw Hats saved his country, so he believes they are the ones who will cause the world to enter the dawn, possibly even surpassing humans like the two of them. Pedro is fine with throwing away the rest of his life like this, but he has no intention of dying right here and now, he just wants to leave once the Straw Hats have achieved their goals. He then runs past Tamago and splits him in half at the torso, causing a giant yolk to fly out.
Meanwhile, Sanji tries to enter Pudding’s room, but the homie at the door refuses to let him in. Sanji remembers that Pudding’s room has a balcony, so he goes inside. He plans to hand her food and flowers through the window and is initially afraid of invading her privacy, but goes ahead anyway. Sanji hears Pudding laughing and as he looks out the window he sees that she is talking to someone. He is shocked to see that he is talking to Reiju and wonders why his sister is here. He then watches as Pudding laughs hysterically, revealing the third eye on her forehead and gleefully declaring that she would never marry Sanji. Pudding says that Big Mom adores her for her acting skills, and although she’s tired of the pampering, she readily agrees to trick Sanji and the Straw Hats into believing she’s in love with him. Inside the prison library, Luffy curses Pudding as he remembers what she whispered to them when she was visiting. She told them that Sanji, whom she called an idiot, would shoot her the next day during the wedding. In Pudding’s room, she mocks Reiju and her family for agreeing to this deal, saying that Big Mom’s goal is to get her hands on an army of Vinsmokes clones. Reiju sarcastically says that Pudding has a beautiful personality, but Pudding ignores her, claiming that they lured the Germ Kingdom here to catch them like flies. Sanji sits outside, shocked when Pudding reveals that they planned to massacre the entire Vinsmoke family tomorrow.

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