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Pudding continues to laugh at the planned massacre of the Vinsmoke family, saying that their blood will stain the ceremonial hall, though she warns Reija to be careful not to get any blood on the wedding cake or Big Mom will get angry and destroy the ceremonial hall. . Pudding pulls out a Walker .36 Percussion Revolver to use to shoot the Vinsmokes, revealing that it is loaded with Candy Jacket bullets that can penetrate armor, meaning they can also go through the Vinsmokes’ iron exoskeleton. Pudding looks forward to seeing Sanji’s expression when she pulls a gun on him tomorrow, and Nitro and Rabiyan laugh with joy. Pudding makes several shocked faces to mockingly predict how Sanji will react, then asks Reiju if she wants to know how Sanji proposed to her today. Pudding mocks Sanji’s injured face that was under his mask and mockingly repeats his suggestion, calling him cheesy. She calls Sanji ugly and a failure, saying that at least she wanted a proper prince. Outside, Sanji tries to light a cigarette, but the rain prevents it, and tears start to roll down his face.
In the Treasure Room, Big Mom asks Brook why he’s getting back up and wonders why he’s going after her Road Poneglyph and not Sanji. As Brook struggles to his feet, he replies that since Sanji is a kind person, he knows that his crewmate will likely sacrifice himself and not be saved for the sake of others. Standing in front of Big Mom, who has Zeus on her left hand and Prometheus on her right, she says that on the other hand, Luffy is someone who will break through any barrier to achieve his dreams, so Sanji’s situation should be decided by the two of them. Big Mom deduces that Brook is here because he has nothing better to do, but Brook replies that his mission is just as important. If they can’t save Sanji, they can at least honor him by getting the Road Poneglyph and making the journey worthwhile. Big Mom counters that losing Sanji isn’t the worst thing that could happen to them, as they could easily die on this journey. However, Brook says that death should never be considered when making a plan, calling Big Mom “young lady” as he raises his sword.
In the mirror world, Carrot manages to revive Brûlée by tickling her, and Brûlée finally gives in to the duo’s demands. Carrot asks her where the castle is, and after silently swearing revenge, Brûlée states that she doesn’t remember and tells them to just ask the mirrors. Carrot and Chopper wonder which mirrors lead to the castle and which mirrors respond to them. Chopper asks if any of them reflect Luffy, Nami, Brook, Pedro, or Sanji, but none of the mirrors know who they are, except for one that Sanji just walked through. However, Carrot tells Chopper to leave it to her as she claims she is good at drawing and plans to draw portraits of their teammates.
Back in Pudding’s room, to prevent Reiju from dying of blood loss or revealing his plans, Pudding reaches into the side of Reiju’s head. Her hand penetrates Reiju’s head and pulls out a strip of film containing Reiju’s memories. Pudding reveals that she ate the Memo Memo no Mi, which allows her to turn people’s memories into filmstrips and alter them. He then cuts out Reiju’s memories of their meeting and replaces them with a soldier’s memory of being hit by a stray bullet to explain to Reiju how she was shot. Pudding then puts on her nice persona as she hopes the two will have a good time at the wedding ceremony and calls a soldier to take Reija to the infirmary.
Inside the prison library, Opera watches as Luffy continues to pull on his stake, and Nami keeps screaming as more blood comes from Luffy’s wrist. Opera then tells Nami that Big Mom has ordered him to get Lola’s location from her by the end of the day, but Nami refuses to sell one of her friends. Opera then prepares to torture Nami by shooting her with a crossbow every five seconds until she confesses, and a terrified Nami begs him to stop the escalating threats. Luffy yells at Opera to stop and tells Nami that he will rip his hands off in the next five seconds, which Nami doesn’t want either. Luffy and Opera tell Nami to stop being so difficult when someone suddenly enters the prison library. Opera tells the intruder that she is not allowed to enter the castle grounds at this time, but the intruder simply excuses herself before preparing the punch. The intruder, Jinbe, then punches Opera in the stomach with great force, causing him to slide to the ground in shock. Luffy, Nami, and Opera are all confused to see Jinbe, and the first two wonder why he’s here. Jinbe replies that he heard the two were captured and they can talk later, but now he’s preparing to free them.

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