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On Whole Cake Island, in the castle infirmary, both the doctor and the guard comment on Reiju’s incredible enhanced healing ability. As he speaks, Sanji sneaks in unnoticed and ties and blindfolds him to a chair. Reiju then wakes up and is surprised to notice Sanji’s presence. He also examines his wounded leg and vaguely remembers being caught in a supposed gunfight. Sanji tells her that her memory was overwritten and proceeds to tell what really happened.
In the Prison Library, Jinbe burns the book imprisoning Luffy and Nami to free them. Nami thanks Jinbe but wonders why he is on the island. Jinbe explains that his Sun Pirates are subordinate to Big Mom’s crew. Nami points to the decommissioned Charlotte Opera and comments with concern that his actions amount to rebellion, and Jinbe confirms that there’s no turning back now. He tells Luffy and Nami that they need to hide somewhere they won’t find them while Luffy complains about being hungry. Jinbe wonders how Luffy can worry about his stomach at a time like this, but Luffy interjects that he didn’t ask for any food. Luffy remembers Pudding’s words and tells Jinbe to take care of Nami before running off to find and warn Sanji.
At the infirmary, Reiju tells Sanji that she believes his version of events as she was investigating Pudding to find her a suspect. Sanji continues to lament his belief that his own sacrifice will ensure the safety of his crew as Reiju notes how Judge underestimated Big Mom before stating that they should not stand in the way of the planned assassinations. A shocked Sanji immediately objects, not wanting Reiju to die, but a moved Reiju replies that Sanji owes her nothing for helping him escape from the Germa Kingdom 13 years ago. He urges Sanji to escape Whole Cake Island as soon as possible and to take care of protecting Baratie once he is safely gone.
Before Sanji can object, Reiju reveals one of her strongest childhood memories. He recalls a fight between father and mother during which their mother refused to undergo surgery that would turn their soon-born sons into emotionless machines. Although she ultimately could not refuse the operation, she secretly took a drug that (partially) counteracted the effects of the Lineage Factor manipulation operation. The drug caused her health to suddenly deteriorate and did nothing to prevent Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji from being successfully modified in surgery. However, scientists monitoring the Vinsmoke brothers began to observe behavior in Sanji that revealed that his modification had failed. While Judge blamed Sanji for the drug’s success, Sora appreciated Sanji’s acts of kindness and cried tears of happiness when she told Reiju and Eponi about Sanji’s actions. After listening, a horrified Sanji begins to claim that their mother’s death was his fault, but Reiju cuts him off, telling him that their mother was happy from the bottom of her heart and had no regrets. Reiju continues by stating that Sanji can’t be a failure and that he’s actually kinder than anyone, leaving Sanji speechless.
On the second floor of the castle, Luffy has taken hold of one of Big Mom’s minions and is strangling him in an attempt to find out where Sanji is. At the same time, in the Treasure Hall, Charlotte Smoothie learns of Jinbe’s rebellion and orders all the cronies and soldiers to seal off the fourth floor. Smoothie warns the soldiers not to inform Big Mom of the chaos inside the castle and gives them permission to kill the rebels if necessary.
Back at the infirmary, Reiju encourages Sanji to forget Germa and leave. He realizes that Germa is nothing more than a war machine that the world can do without, and that the Vinsmokes are a family of murderers who deserve to die. Sanji continues his objections to Reiju’s proposed self-sacrifice, but Reiju explains that he cannot disobey their father’s orders. As Luffy quickly approaches, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, Reiju states that he believes Baratia is not threatened by any Big Mom, and (further) reveals that Sanji’s bonds are fakes that he swapped with a real pair. Reiju ends by strongly telling Sanji to consider what was most important in his life; in particular, he points out that he will never again meet people as wonderful as he has now as long as he lives.

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