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After hearing the commotion caused by Sanji’s attack, some of Bobbin’s subordinates rushed to his place. However, Bobbin bobs his head, causing them to fall asleep. He tells them there’s nothing to worry about and that he’ll handle the situation himself before sprinting off because he says even demons go to Big Mom’s tea parties.
Inside the mirror world, Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro, and Jinbe find a mirror in Big Mom’s bedroom. After seeing her sleeping with a dozing Brook in her arms and Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon sleeping around her, the team wonders how to save Brook. Brûlée screams for Big Mom to save her, causing the team to tie up and gag her and Diesel, but Big Mom is oblivious. Instead, half asleep, she only notices a fly buzzing around her room and slams the fly into the ground with extreme force before falling asleep again. The noise wakes Brook up, but he goes back to sleep when he sees that it was just a fly. Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon also woke up and, thinking that Big Mom had been attacked, attacked where she was swatting the fly before she too went back to sleep. The Sanji Retrieval Team is horrified by what they just witnessed and wondered how they should save Brook.
Meanwhile, Sanji runs through Sweet City on his way to where Luffy promised to wait for him. On the way, a dog runs up to him and tries to get into his basket of food. Sanji shook the dog off and told him that the food wasn’t for him.
Back in the mirror world, the team finds a skeleton in the castle’s execution room and some seaweed in the kitchen, which they use to stand in for Brook. Jinbe places Brûlée directly into the mirror to allow any of them to pass through. Chopper sneaks into the room but accidentally sneezes, causing Big Mom to half-consciously slap her hand down where she’s standing. Carrot tries next, softly landing on Big Mom before whispering to Brook to wake up. However, she is forced to flee from the sleep bubble coming from Big Mom’s nose and Zeus notices her. Thinking she is a fly, Zeus fires a lightning bolt at Carrot. Pedro is next to try, but Big Mom starts to thrash and spin, forcing him to back off. However, Big Mom finally lets Brook go and Nami sets out to get him. Nami wakes Brook up, but Brook screams at the sight of the skeleton she’s holding. Thinking the noise is still coming from the fly, Big Mom grabs Prometheus and throws him at the two straw hats, but Jinbe is able to bring them back to the mirror world safely.
Sanji reaches the outskirts of Sweet City, where he encounters the bodies of the soldiers that Luffy and Nami fought earlier. He begins to search among them, looking for Luffy.
Inside the Mirror World, Brook expresses his shock at his sudden rescue and Nami is angry at him for yelling and almost getting them killed. Pedro then apologizes to Brook for putting him in danger by sending him to a high-security room, but Brook replies that it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, as it’s unlikely they’ll be able to reach the poneglyphs again without fighting total war. He then pulls the fragments of Big Mom’s three Poneglyphs from his skull, explaining that he barely had time to finish them before Big Mom arrived. The others, including Brûlée and Diesel, are shocked that he actually managed to copy the poneglyphs. The team celebrates Brook’s success and Chopper declares that they only have one goal left: get Sanji.
Finally, after searching for a while, Sanji hears the sound of his stomach growling behind him. After the sound followed, he smiled tearfully as he saw Luffy leaning against the base of the Kingbaum, asleep and weak from hunger.

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