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In the mirror world, the Sanji Retrieval Team is unable to find Luffy and Sanji’s whereabouts from the mirrors, and Nami figures that they must not be in the castle, so she starts thinking about the place where they fought earlier this morning. Chopper is confused to hear that the two fought, but Jinbe understands that Sanji must have had things he needed to do in his role as a member of the Vinsmoke Family and it would be hard to get him to come back. He then tells the team that they need to hurry because the wedding will not really be a simple ceremony. He asks if they came with Pekoms, who the team remembers and asks if he’s okay. Jinbe confirms this, but says that the lion mink would have been killed as part of some plot if Jinbe hadn’t noticed. In Sweet City, two citizens wonder if they just heard a gunshot, but are unable to tell in the rain. Meanwhile, an injured Bobbin curses three figures in the shadows before collapsing.
In the guest room on the sixth floor of Whole Cake Castle, the barmaids begin to pass out from the sheer amount of alcohol consumed, and Yonji calls them pathetic as he and his family continue to consume “weak” alcohol by the barrel. He and Niji wish for Nami to serve them, and Ichiji recalls hearing that she was captured before wondering if they can bargain to get her for themselves. The judge then advises to put the drinking to rest, saying that tomorrow night will be party time. He excitedly thinks about their upcoming alliance with the Big Mom Pirates tomorrow, pointing out that their “failure”, Sanji, helped bring it about. The laughing Vinsmoke men then toast their “boy” and reflect that this is the first time he’ll be useful, unaware of the smiling Homies in the room who know about Big Mom’s plan for the wedding. Later, the chess soldiers guard Vinsmoke’s guest room and receive orders from Mont-d’Or not to allow them to contact a single person between now and the ceremony. The chess soldiers also watch over Reija, who is still in the infirmary, and she stays awake as the judge and Big Mom fall asleep.
On the outskirts of Sweet City, Sanji approaches Luffy, who wakes up after smelling the bento basket in Sanji’s arms. Sanji says that he never told Luffy to wait there as he drops the bento basket at his feet, revealing the poor condition of the bento due to him dropping it and the rain getting into it. However, Luffy starts eating it and cries that it is extremely delicious, noting that Sanji put all of the crew’s favorite foods in it. However, Sanji calls him a liar. Eventually, Luffy finishes his meal and fully regains his power, and Sanji tells him to leave. Luffy is quickly taken aback and tells Sanji to come with him, but Sanji gives him reasons why he can’t return to the crew. The first reason is that he attacked and disrespected Luffy, his captain, even though he came to save him. The second reason is that Zeff is still being held hostage, and the third reason is that even though he despises his family, he still has no conscience to let them be murdered tomorrow. Sanji asks if Luffy understands, but Luffy responds by punching Sanji in the face, knocking him into Kingbaum’s remains. Luffy then yells at Sanji to tell the truth, and as he remembers all the times he spent cooking for the Straw Hats, Sanji tearfully admits that he wants to return to the crew. However, he is powerless to stop the wedding and save his family, but Luffy assures him that they can work together to destroy it.

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