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Sanji is surprised to hear that Jinbe rebelled against Big Mom and freed Luffy and Nami, and is thankful that Nami is safe. He solemnly says that he can’t face Nami after all the grief he’s caused his crew members. He and Luffy then notice that the rain stops. Inside the Mirro-World, the Sanji Retrieval Team discovers Luffy and Sanji from the mirror Nami had when she and Luffy went to the Kingbaum, so they search for more shards nearby. Luffy hears Chopper’s voice calling from the wreckage and explains to a horrified and confused Sanji that the rest of their crew is inside the mirrors. Luffy talks to his teammates and they tell him that everyone was saved and that Brook managed to get copies of the Poneglyphs. Pedro then asks if Luffy and Sanji reached a deal, and Luffy replies that Sanji is not coming back yet, shocking everyone. Luffy reveals that they are going to crash the wedding and save Sanji’s family, after which Sanji returns to the crew. The Sanji Retrieval Team falls into stunned silence, and Sanji declares that he cannot drag his crew members into battle with the Emperor. However, the Sanji Retrieval Team immediately explodes with confirmation, expressing their joy at being able to get Sanji back. Nami coldly states that she will never forgive Sanji for putting her through such fear the day before, but then says that she will forget about it in order to destroy the Tea Party and make him return, which sends Sanji into a euphoric state.
Jinbe then says that she knows what to do because Big Mom’s investment in her tea parties would guarantee her unbridled anger towards them. Not only that, but the ministers they faced were only a small fraction of Big Mom’s Pirates, who would have many powerful people attending the tea party. This is in addition to the various underworld lords who have been invited from around the world. In contrast, their team consists of ten people. Brûlée and Diesel react indignantly at being put on the team and tell the Sanji Retrieval Team to drop dead. Jinbe then asks if Luffy knows Capone Bege, which Luffy confirms, and Jinbe reveals that Bege is the head of one of the five most powerful mafias in West Blue. Jinbe had heard that Bege was a person who chopped off animal heads and watched their lifeless bodies writhe with joy. The same was true for other organizations as Bege went straight for the boss. However, he only took wealth from the opponents; instead of gaining power by taking them down, he took pleasure in observing the power struggles that formed as a result. Because of this, Bege is targeted by many enemies, but he also enjoys it, as he manages to distract them with his Devil Fruit abilities. These customs did not change when Bege grew tired of his land exploits and took to the seas as a pirate, having taken down many captains of famous pirate crews. Now protected from enemies by Big Mom, his keen vigilance and high defensive abilities earned him the title of “the tower” and was entrusted with security at the wedding. So, since his crew is security, nothing stands between them and Big Mom. While Big Mom plans to assassinate the Vinsmoke family during the wedding ceremony to take control of Germa 66, Bege plans to take Big Mom’s head herself.
The Sanji Retrieval Team is confused when they hear about this and all the planning going on during it. Jinbe then reveals that Pekomse took Bege and was offered to help with the plan, but the staunchly loyal lion mink refused. Bege then shot him into the shark-infested waters to prevent him from revealing the plan, but Jinbe’s crew found and rescued him just in time. Luffy is upset that Bege would do such a thing, but Jinbe says that it might be wise not to consider Bege an enemy despite what happened to Pekoms. Instead of the Sanji Retrieval Team quickly coming up with a plan for the wedding in five hours, Jinbe suggests that Luffy team up with Bege, who has carefully planned the event. Luffy then agrees, despite his teammates’ subsequent protests, and Jinbe states that he has already made preparations, saying that they can always reject the alliance if Luffy ends up not agreeing. At the Fire Tank Pirates base in the northwest of Whole Cake Island, Vito confirms that he got rid of Bobbin to prevent him from going after his hero Sanji. Someone asks Bege if Jinbe’s group is really coming here, and Bege confirms it, saying that Jinbe isn’t kidding and it’s in both of their interests to oppose Big Mom together. The rest of their dealings will depend on how Luffy behaves, with Bege willing to take out his supernova if Luffy angers him.

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