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Sanji, while not inherently interested in murdering Big Mom, ponders how she can be killed, noting that she seems extremely tough. Pedro says they’ll have to do it quickly, with Nami recalling how the team was almost killed when they were retrieving Brook from her while she slept. They then ask why they are heading to her tea party when several of her children will be there. Bege then replies that under certain conditions they will have five seconds to take Big Mom’s head. If they fail, all-out war will break out and their chances of success will be zero. Bege says the plan will start with Caesar the Clown, and Caesar reminds Bege to refer to him by his alias and threatens to kill Pege if Bege doesn’t keep his end of the bargain and release him after the plan is executed. Caesar then introduces the KX Launcher, which contains a phosphorous poison that will kill anyone once it enters their body. However, even this cannot break through Big Mom’s skin, so two conditions must be met: during the scheduled five seconds, there must be no hits, and Big Mom’s body must be weakened.
Pez starts crying because of Bege’s loud voice and Bege quiets him with baby talk. Bege tells the Sanji Retrieval Team about Big Mom’s immense resilience, with not even bullets or cannonballs being able to hurt her. However, in the previous Tea Party, he saw Big Mom get hurt once. During tea parties, Big Mama places a portrait of the mysterious Mother Carmel directly across the table from her. During the final tea party, the servant accidentally dropped the portrait, causing Big Mom to let out an ear-splitting scream that knocked everyone unconscious and also activated her Haoshoku Haki. As she knelt down, her knee began to bleed. So Bege plans to cut the image in half, because not only will that leave Big Mom defenseless, but the people around her will be deprived of her screams for at least five seconds. Bege then gifts the Sanji Retrieval Team with earplugs to protect them from Big Mom’s screams. Luffy then suggests saving the Vinsmoke family, but Bege tells him that it will take three seconds for Big Mom to react to destroying the portrait, meaning there’s a good chance they’ll die within those three seconds. So Luffy will serve as bait to keep Big Mom’s powers at bay. Nami and Chiffon are outraged that Bege is carelessly risking Luffy’s life, but Luffy agrees, saying that he has a perfect entrance planned. Luffy says that the clue will be when Sanji and Pudding kiss, but Sanji reminds him that Pudding will shoot him before, so he dodges; Luffy enters instead as soon as he hears a gunshot.
Bege says that once Big Mom starts screaming, Luffy’s group can save Vinsmoke while Caesar breaks in through the mirror with the help of Brûlée. Once Caesar arrives, the team can escape the room and return to their ships where they can escape the island. Desperate, Brûlée tries to think of a way to report this to Big Mom. After the successful assassination of Big Mom, the alliance breaks up and Bege wishes everyone luck. With two and a half hours until the wedding, Sanji prepares to return to his room to prepare for the wedding, and to Bege’s irritation, Luffy asks Bege to help him enter.
Meanwhile, various islands in Totto Land are celebrating an upcoming wedding, and in the Kingdom of Germany, the soldiers of Germa 66 are contemplating peace because they were not allowed to attend the wedding. At Whole Cake Castle, the Vinsmokes dress up for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Big Mom cries hysterically over Brook’s death as she holds his lifeless skeletal replacement, but is reminded of the wedding and cheerfully tosses “Brooke” aside as her guests are reported to be streaming into the castle. In Pudding’s room, Nitro and Rabian question why Pudding is so sullen sitting in her wedding dress. Pudding replies that she’s not looking forward to being covered in blood after shooting Sanji and having to rewrite everyone’s memories to continue being considered a good girl.

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