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At the top of the candy staircase and the Whole Cake Castle itself is the roof of the Whole Cake Castle, where the Tea Party is currently taking place. Vito peeks out over the walls and happily watches the Morgans talk to the Vinsmoke Judge. Bege waves it off that it doesn’t matter, but Vito points out that there are a lot of important guests, including Charlotte’s family children Perospero, Compote, Katakuri, Smoothie, Daifuku, and Oven. He expresses his fear of going against people like this, confusing a close friend. Inside the walls of the roof, a chess soldier presents a portrait of Mother Carmel to Big Mom, and Big Mom is thrilled to see her. Her guests are excited, despite not knowing who Carmel is. However, the first guest questions Carmel’s meaning, causing Big Mom to knock him out with Haoshoku Haki in a fit of rage. The Underworld Emperors then presented Big Mom with their gifts for her and the pudding, making her even more happy. At Morgans prompt, Big Mom then reveals the Tamatebako in her possession and says she will open it for all to see along with all her other gifts during the feast after the wedding ceremony.
Outside, two members of the Fire Tank Pirates report to Bege as they finish preparations. Bege confirms that all the cooks have arrived for the tea party, that all exits are blocked, and that communication is blocked by the Horned Mushi Den. Bege praises his men before telling them to change. Bege then tells Caesar to come out of his body with the escape mirror and the scientist appears holding a very large mirror. Bege then instructs Caesar to hide the mirror, explaining that his job would be to fly in with the mirror once Big Mom starts screaming, allowing the assassins to escape into it after Big Mom kills. The homie at the door is shocked to see Bege with Caesar and wonders what the hell he’s up to, but Bege notices and has Gotti cut his face off and kill him. 30 minutes before the ceremony, Bege looks into his body to see if everyone is ready, but is shocked to see Luffy and his crew members asleep. Jinbe tells him to let them sleep since they haven’t slept since arriving at Whole Cake Island. He promises to wake them up 10 minutes before the ceremony starts, and Bege threatens to leave them behind if they become a hindrance. Bege then tells Caesar to return to his body and prepares to enter the venue, stating that once he does, there is no going back.
Meanwhile, in the bride and groom’s room on the ninth floor, Sanji and Pudding sit next to each other, with Sanji remarking that it’s like a dream. Pudding chimes in and tearfully asks if it’s a good dream or a bad dream, causing Sanji to fall in love with her beautiful appearance. She tries her best to remember that Pudding is acting and intends to kill him, but then tells her that she can kiss him on the forehead during the ceremony if she wants. However, Pudding claims to kiss him on the lips, causing Sanji to get a massive nosebleed and crash into a wall. Pudding outwardly expresses concern for him, but internally she is sickened by his behavior and eager to kill him as soon as possible. Later, with the tea party in full swing, the wedding ceremony begins and Sanji and Pudding arrive on a giant cup carried by Zeus. The guests celebrate as Bege notes that Sanji is drawn to his attraction to Pudding, remarking what a “good actor” Sanji is.

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