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Three and a half hours ago, Bege reacts with surprise to Luffy’s suggestion to put a mirror in the wedding cake. Brûlée protests heavily and Luffy remembers that he can make copies of humans out of animals, which Chopper confirms. Luffy then, to her shock, captures several animals for Brûlée to make copies of. Back in the present, the wedding guests react with shock to Luffy and his copies flying out of the cake, and Morgans excitedly calls it big news. The guests begin to run as the giant cake starts to topple in their direction, and Sanji catches Pudding as she jumps off the cake, putting his trust in Luffy to complete the plan. Smoothie is dismayed that Luffy did not die in the Prison Library as Mont-d’Or told her, and Mont-d’Or angrily reflects that Opera lied to him to protect herself.
Big Mom then begins to have a crisis when she witnesses the destruction of the cake she was so looking forward to. Streusen tries to calm her down, but Big Mom demands another cake before she endangers the lives of her cooks. Morgans is excited to see Big Mom’s “Soul Pocus” technique as she removes the lifespan of several chefs and kills them. Meanwhile, in the Mirror World, the Sanji Retrieval Team gets the last of Luffy’s clones to the wedding venue, and Jinbe and Pedro head out to support Luffy. Nami, Chopper, and Carrot then head out as well to save the Vinsmoke family, leaving Caesar Clown behind to do his job while belittling him. Big Mom angrily confronts Luffy and his clones, wondering aloud which Luffy is the real one. Bege is initially impressed by the bravery of Luffy’s plan, but the real Luffy reveals himself to Big Mom, leaving him horrified when Big Mom confronts the real Luffy. Luffy sees the portrait of Mother Carmel and focuses on it, and Bege leaves Vito and Gotti to prepare to attack Big Mom with their KX Launchers. Nami, Chopper, and Carrot hide inside the wedding cake and prepare to leave three seconds after Luffy breaks the portrait and saves the Vinsmokes.
Big Mom summons Zeus and Prometheus to attack Luffy and Luffy prepares to attack, but is suddenly caught by a massive tendril composed of a sticky substance. The substance comes from Katakuri’s leg and Katakuri tells Big Mom that this one is the real Luffy while the others are just animals. Luffy’s arms and legs are swallowed by the massive mass, and Big Mom is initially angry at Katakuri for trying to save her, but Katakuri tells her that he knew Luffy went after the portrait of Mother Carmel. Katakuri notes that only people close to the family know about the importance of the portrait and orders Luffy to reveal who told him about it as he sends the Straw Hat falling to the ground. Bege begins to worry and Pedro prepares to free Luffy from Katakuri, but Jinbe intervenes and attacks with a massive blast of water, softening the sticky substance and freeing Luffy from it.
Jinbe tells Luffy that Katakuri ate a Paramecia-type Mochi Mochi no Mi and warns him to avoid its sticky substance before declaring to Big Mom that he was the one who revealed Carmela’s importance. Big Mom is not pleased and accuses Jinbe of starting the mutiny, but Jinbe says that he is simply leaving her crew to join the Straw Hat Pirates, much to Luffy’s delight and Morgans excitement at such big news. Big Mom is fine with that, but in return she has to take Jinbe’s life, and Jinbe is fine with that as long as she doesn’t hurt any of his friends. Big Mom calls Jinbe’s desire foolish and asks again if he wants to stay or give up his life, but to her confusion, Jinbe wants her to take his life and his soul does not leave his body as he shows no fear. Big Mom’s pirates are shocked at his lack of fear, as Jinbe declares that he will not cower to the Emperor if he wants to join the crew of the future Pirate King, and offers Big Mom a cup of sake to mark his departure if he cannot. take his life. The Straw Hats are impressed by Jinbe’s bravery and Luffy cheers him on, but Big Mom steps on the sake cup and now recognizes Jinbe as her enemy as Zeus and Prometheus attack him. However, amid the chaos, Brook approaches Carmel’s portrait disguised as Luffy and smashes the portrait with a hammer.

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