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Caesar Clown flies out of a giant mirror placed outside the wedding venue with Brûlée still on his back and Brûlée begs him not to show her face as she will be killed, but Caesar replies that they will know she is involved due to the alliance using the mirror to bypass it. Caesar is about to fly in the mirror and make sure the final phase of the plan goes smoothly, and peeks over the wall to see Big Mom’s condition. However, to his surprise, Big Mom doesn’t scream even though the plan is carried out and Carmela’s portrait is destroyed.
Inside the venue, Luffy runs to Big Mom to show her the fragments of Carmel’s portrait so she can focus her rage. Katakuri angrily charges at Bega when she prevents him from taking action, and tells Perosper to hurry up and kill Vinsmoke. Perospero taunts the Vinsmokes that their deaths are inevitable, and Judge bitterly wishes they’d brought their raid suits, but Perospero questions why they would carry guns to their son’s wedding. Sanji then yells at Reiju to run as he struggles to find his footing as he runs away from the Daifuku genie, and Reiju thinks that Sanji going to such lengths to save them gives her the knowledge that conscience still remains in their family, which allows her to be at ease. Meanwhile, Bege shoots Katakuri with several weapons inside his castle, but they go through Katakuri’s special Paramecium body. He and the other Big Mom pirates are shocked by Begea’s outright betrayal, and as Luffy runs past the scene of the conflict, Katakuri attacks him with a mochi foot. However, Pedro steps in and cuts the mochi, but his sword gets caught in its stickiness. Jinbe attacks Katakuri with Fish-Man Karate, but Katakuri dodges it before walking past him. He jumps at Luffy and hits him with a giant mochi arm, pinning him to the ground, but at the last moment, Luffy puts his hands in front of Big Mom’s face, allowing her to see the fragments of the portrait again.
Big Mom grabs the fragments of the portrait and fully realizes the damage that has been done to it as Katakuri and Perospero become very frightened, letting out a great scream that shakes the whole place. Some people are knocked down by her Haoshoku Haki blast, while others resist the Haki but are immobilized by the sound of her high-pitched scream. Vito and Gotti then jump out of Bege’s body, guns in tow, and Big Mom scrapes her knee as she falls on top of him, shocking Galette. Meanwhile, Chopper puts plugs in Reiju’s ears and Sanji frees his entire family from their tying up a bunch of Diable Jambe while Nami and Carrot guard the table. Smoothie pleads with someone to stop Bege and his crew, and as Bege, Vito and Gotti prepare to launch their KX Launchers, a distraught Big Mom thinks about Mother Carmel and her departure 63 years ago to Elbaf.

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