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Sixty-three years ago, Jorul swung his sword at Charlotte Linlin, but she blocked it with her bare forearm, causing it to break in half. Linlin grabbed Jorul by the beard despite Carmel’s desperate orders and threw the giant hero to the ground, severely injuring him. Linlin then continued to search for the semla and Carmel asked the huge woman if there was one. The woman reluctantly said that there were some in the warehouse for the festival, and as some of the giants held Linlin down, Carmel approached the flames caused by her charge and summoned a piece of her soul from her hand. Carmel sent the soul fragment into the flames and created a solar homie in a flash of light that she named Pandora. As Linlin fed on the semolina and had his fill, the giants stared at Pandora in awe and Carmel claimed that he was the sun god and fixed everything. However, an enraged Jarul prepared to plunge his sword into the now sleeping Linlin and Carmel tried to stop him. Jarul replied that at his age, Jorul could no longer save himself from his wounds, and he could not forgive Linlin for letting him die in such a way. Carmel understood, but she couldn’t let a lost child like Linlin die, and she promised to leave the country with her. Hajrudin became angry at Jarul’s hesitation, but Jarul turned with tears in his eyes and angrily ordered the two out of his sight. Later, Linlin woke up with no memory of what she had done, which made the giants even more angry, and soon the entire giant race hated her once the news spread to the other giant kingdoms.
The other children of the Sheep House accompanied Carmel and Linlin to another island where a new Sheep House was established for the giants and life resumed as usual. In Ovčí dům, children were raised with the aim of finding good foster parents. However, Carmel later went to the World Government building where she told the surprised CP0 agents that she had indeed left Elbaf to keep Linlin, as she was now prepared to sell the girl to them for a high price. The agents balked at the price, but Carmel called Linlin her biggest product to date, saying she was strong enough to eventually become an admiral or fleet admiral. She reminded the agents how every two years she sold them high caliber orphans to serve as intelligence agents, and the agents reluctantly agreed. Mother Carmel, an orphan trafficker known in the underworld as the “Mountain Witch”, was pleased and decided to make this her last deal because it took a lot of work to act like a loving mother. After the meeting, she continued to raise her children, but always knew her true purpose in raising them. The Sheep House later celebrated Linlin’s sixth birthday, and Linlin was presented with a giant pile of semolina called croquembouche. The Sheep House decided to hold a tea party to celebrate, and Linlin gulped down semolina with tears of joy clouding her vision. She had the biggest birthday of her life, surrounded by Carmel and her friends, but when she finally finished semla and thanked her roommates, she saw that they had all disappeared. Linlin fretted as she searched for them to no avail, and currently keeps crying out for her mother as she remembers being left alone forever that day.

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