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Big Mama continues to cry out over the unexplained disappearance of Mother Carmel and her roommates 63 years ago, not knowing that there were two witnesses to the event that day. One of them was a warrior from Elbaf who looked after the Sheep House, and when he saw what had happened he was so repulsed that he fled, never to set foot on the island again. His news spread among the giants, causing them to despise Linlin so much that they refrained from even speaking her name. The second witness was the cook and failed pirate Streusen, who found the event hilarious. He had the Kuku Kuku no Mi, which gave him the ability to make ready-made food from natural objects, and decided to maximize Linlin’s potential by joining her. He approached her and although he couldn’t help her disappear, he offered to work with her and feed her whatever she wanted.
In the present, Streusen is unable to move due to Big Mom’s screams and begs her to come to her senses before the Fire Tank Pirates shoot her. Bege, Vito, and Gotti then fire their KX Launchers at her, and the alliance looks on expectantly as the Big Mom Pirates stare in shock. Big Mom remembers how Carmel expressed her desire to make the island they were on into a country where all races could live together and see eye to eye, and Linlin thought that meant everyone else would be in this a country as big as her, which caused her to share that dream. With Streusen, Linlin revealed that she obtained the power of Carmel’s Soru Soru no Mi by creating a flower homie, and the two decided to make the island their dreamland. They entered the life of a pirate and Linlin quickly became infamous, earning a bounty of 50,000,000 Beli not long after meeting Streusen. Cipher Pol declared her power dangerous and her bounty grew to at least 500,000,000 Beli before she was even an adult as she leveled a village with Zeus and Prometheus at her side. In return for sweets, she promised to let all her victims live together in her dream land and threatened to kill them if they refused. To this day, Big Mom remarks to the late Carmel that there have always been “selfish” people who refuse to agree with her dream, and she will never forgive the Straw Hats for trampling on Carmel’s memory by breaking her portrait. Big Mom then releases a large blast that detonates the KX Launcher shots before they hit her, shocking the Fire Tank Pirates.
Katakuri manages to cover his ears with mochi earplugs and distributes the plugs to his crew members, allowing them to regain their composure. With their plan backfired, the Fire Tank Pirates flee in fear and Caesar prepares to fly in the mirror, angry that his KX Launchers were destroyed. Bege instructs the Sanji Retrieval Team to get into the mirror as his crew rushes towards it, but as Caesar arrives, the pressure from Big Mom’s scream shatters the mirror. The Alliance now has nowhere to run and no chance to fight as they are surrounded by Big Mom’s pirate forces, but Bege suddenly transforms into a giant humanoid fortress as he orders his allies to enter it.

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