One Piece Manga Chapter 87

One Piece Manga Chapter 87

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After Sanji defeats Kuroobi, he and Zoro are confronted by Arlong as work continues to free and revive Luffy. Meanwhile, Usopp plays dead to escape Chew, but eventually becomes disgusted with his cowardice and confronts Chew again. Chew overwhelms Usopp with his attacks, but Usopp manages to dodge him and successfully causes the rum bottle to crack on him. With Chew covered in alcohol, Usopp sets him on fire with Kaen Boshi.
Sanji sends Kuroobi crashing into Arlong Park’s main building, and Arlong looks on in shock and anger as Kuroobi and Hatchan lie defeated. Sanji waves to the two fishmen that it’s nothing special, and Arlong angrily confronts him and Zoro, saying they’re far from won. Zoro asks Sanji what he meant by his mixed message about Luffy’s condition, and Sanji replies that Luffy won’t die, but will have to go back down to the bottom of the ocean to free their captain. However, Arlong will likely stand in their way. Meanwhile, Nojiko looks on as she holds Luffy’s head above water, shocked that Hatchan and Kuroobi have been defeated. Genzo goes back for air, cursing his inability to hold his breath long enough. Nojiko offers to trade places with him, and Genzo asks about the situation with the Straw Hats and the Arlong Pirates. Still surprised by what is happening, Nojiko says that there may actually be hope for all of them.
Elsewhere, Usopp lies on the ground in a bloody mess. Thinking he killed the pirate with a single shot from his Mizudepp, Chew returns to Arlong Park, complaining about the trouble chasing Usopp has caused him, saying that Hatchan and Kuroobi should have already sent the others. However, Usopp is actually fine because he used his special star Ketchup to trick Chew. He feels sorry for Nami because of all the destruction the fish men have caused, but decides to cut his losses and pretend he lost to Chew in a tough battle, stuffing dirt on his body to make his lie more believable. However, as he does so, he remembers the words of his crew members and the Cocoyasi villagers he met, and remembers how determined they all were to stop Arlong and what they told him about Nami’s determination to free the village. As a result, Usopp can no longer justify his decision and bitterly condemns how pathetic he is. He then yells at Chew, who turns to confront him. Usopp reflects that when he left his village, he needed to leave his comfort zone, knowing that the true joy of being a pirate could only come from putting your life on the line and giving your all every day. Usopp, knowing that he has no right to sail or laugh with his crew members unless he is fighting seriously, shoots Kaen Boshi at Chew.
However, with his water powers, Chew easily extinguishes the blow and punches Usopp hard in the face. With Usopp’s blood dripping from his fist, Chew says it would be smarter for the sniper to continue faking his death. At first, Usopp seems to give up and Chew stomps on his chest, but suddenly he pulls a hammer out of his bag and slams it into Chew’s leg. Usopp then shoots Chew with a rubber band, giving him enough time to escape and hide in the forest. As Chew looks around, a bottle of rum suddenly flies towards him and he catches it. However, the bottle suddenly bursts when Usopp shoots it with Namari Boshi, dousing Chew in rum and cutting him open with shards from the bottle. Chew is extremely angry at Usopp’s tricks and draws water from a nearby pool to draw the pirate out of his hiding place. Although Usopp is hiding, he intends to continue the fight, though he gets a big scare when Chew shoots a large wave of water that knocks down many trees in the area. Annoyed, Chew finds Usopp as he watches the destruction and ambushes him with Hyappatsu Mizudepp. Although completely devastated, Usopp still promises the people he left at home to act like a real pirate, saying that his pretend pirate days are over. Chew then kicks the tree that Usopp is hiding behind, bleeding as he is caught by its sharp edges. Chew is surprised that what Usopp said was over, and Usopp replies that it was their fight, shooting Kaen Boshi, who ignited the alcohol covering Chew’s body, setting him on fire and defeating him.

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