Read One Piece Manga Chapter 872


When the straw pirates were staying at Fish-Man Island, the Minister of the Right begged King Neptune to ask them to return the tamatebako they had been given, as it was likely to explode when opened. However, they were shocked to find that Luffy had given it to Big Mom along with the rest of the treasure.
Back in the present, the Whole Cake Chateau begins to topple over after Tamatebako explodes at its base, and the citizens inside the building begin to panic about the structural damage as Niwatori realizes the building is falling. The citizens of Sweet City are shocked by the sound of the explosion and run away from the falling castle. Meanwhile, at the wedding venue atop the castle, the Straw Hat-Fire Tank-Germa alliance is regrouping; Yonji says that they were saved, but Niji replies that it remains to be seen. The alliance members inside Bege’s body are unsure of what is happening and are stunned by the sight before them. Brûlée cries in horror as Big Mom falls from the venue herself, and Bege laughs triumphantly as she declares that Big Mom’s Pirates are finished. In Sweet City, the citizens realize they can’t escape the castle in time, and upstairs, a panicked Galette falls, only to be saved by Katakuri, who tells her to calm down. Morgans is too engrossed in a newsworthy event when he falls, and Stussy uses Gepp to save herself, thinking it could spell doom for Big Mom’s pirates. While the Big Mom Pirates are left to fall, Caesar and Vinsmoke fly the alliance far away.
However, Streusen plunges his sword into the lock, cutting off the top and turning it considerably softer. This allows it to be broken by the buildings it falls on, protecting the citizens while dampening the fall of the Big Mom Pirates. Big Mom is padded by Zeus and eats something from the castle, noting that Streusen’s creations are filling but taste awful. Mont-d’Or quickly gets up and reorganizes the crew, ordering everyone to send a message to everyone in Totto Land to prevent the enemy alliance from escaping. In the northwestern part of Whole Cake Island, Bege ejects the Straw Hats from her body as they prepare to go their separate ways and gives Caesar her heart, allowing him to escape happily. However, Vito reports that the Big Mom Pirates survived thanks to Streusen, and the Straw Hats prepare to leave; Bege warns them that they will have to take a day’s journey to escape Totto Land. He then plants a sign in the ground showing the direction of the Straw Hats’ escape for the Big Mom pirates to follow as he sails off with the Castle Tank, much to Sanji’s anger. The Bege crew regrets not being able to say goodbye to their allies, and the Straw Hats prepare to take the Shark Submerge III back to the Thousand Sunny.
Meanwhile, Katakuri had Daifuku form two groups: one after the Straw Hats and one after the Fire Tank Pirates. Smoothie assures Big Mom that they will catch the enemy alliance, only to find Big Mom screaming for the wedding cake as her eating disorder resurfaces, much to Smoothie’s dismay.

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