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The citizens of Sweet City help each other recover from the wreckage caused by the collapse of the Whole Cake Castle, and a horrified Count Niwatori asks his crew members what happened. They reveal that the wedding ceremony and wedding cake were destroyed, their plan to assassinate the Vinsmoke family was sabotaged, and Bege tried to assassinate Big Mom. Niwatori was angered when he heard of Bege’s betrayal, and Compote wonders what could have caused the explosion that brought down the castle. No one can think of an answer, but Niwatori reveals another piece of information: that communication with the tea party venue has been lost. Trouba asks what needed to be said, and as Niwatori prepares to answer, Pekoms walks in and reveals that all the Sun Pirates have escaped. The two then discover that Jinbe has left the crew to join the Straw Hats during the tea party, and Daifuku reports to Katakuri that they have troops going after the Straw Hats, the Fire Tank Pirates, and the Germ Kingdom. Katakuri tells Brûlée to come with him, and Brûlée agrees to go with him, eager to get revenge on the Straw Hats. Katakuri plans to eliminate Luffy himself before the Straw Hat captain becomes a serious threat to Big Mom.
Suddenly, Smoothie runs up to her classmates and tells them to run away from Sweet City because she is being chased by Big Mom, whose eating disorder has manifested and caused her to go on a wedding cake rampage. In Big Mom’s hand is a dead Opera, which shocks the Big Mom Pirates, who know that confronting Big Mom in this state is suicide. Smoothie makes a desperate plea for Streusen, but it is revealed that Streusen took a hard fall and saved everyone, and it will take some time to recover. As the Big Mom pirates get more and more scared, Perospero lies to Big Mom that they made a replacement cake, but the Straw Hats stole it. He reveals where the Straw Hats are currently located and the crew hopes Big Mom will hear him. She does, but threatens to kill him if she finds out he lied. He then summons Zeus and uses him as a means of transport to fly towards the Straw Hats, intent only on getting the wedding cake. The Big Mom Pirates are relieved but still stressed, especially Perospero who knows that it will take days to make a good wedding cake and that they are short of ingredients they stole from other islands. Katakuri points out that the island will be destroyed if Big Mom continues to wreak havoc and what happens next is beyond his control. However, Pudding arrives at Rabiyan and reveals that she can make a chocolate chiffon cake on Cocoa Island because her skills as a chocolatier are greater than Streusen’s as a chef. She knows that she can make the cake especially well with Chiffon’s help, and her co-workers point out that Chiffon is currently involved with Bege, but Pudding says that she can get her stepsister to help her if she pulls out her Walker and her third Eye. it is exposed and creates an aura that instills fear in the inhabitants. Pudding says that she has all the ingredients on Cacao Island, including some spare ingredients from other islands, and tells her crewmates to direct Big Mom to the island after she defeats the Straw Hats. She wishes to pay back Big Mom for killing Sanji, believing that the Straw Hat Chef insulted her by complimenting her third eye.
Meanwhile, Nami tells her crew to hurry up, which angers Luffy as she rides Jinbe’s shoulders. The team approaches the Seducing Woods and hesitates to return, but Nami suddenly sees Kingbaum, who has been resurrected with his hips sewn together and currently romancing a tree girl. Nami calls out to Kingbaum and the team rushes at him again, much to his bitter anger as Nami cut out Lola’s Vivre card and still has one half after the other was taken. With Kingbaum, the team is confident they can cut through the Seducing Woods, though they notice the Big Mom Pirates chasing them. Nami makes Kingbaum go faster, but just then, Big Mom suddenly flies in and takes down the Straw Hats in a mad rage, telling them to hand over the cake to her as she holds Napoleon in his sword form.

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