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The Big Mom Pirates note how many soldiers Brook and Chopper managed to take down, but the two Straw Hats are now immobilized as Perospero covers them with candy. The candy quickly travels up Chopper’s body, and Perospero reveals that once he’s covered, he won’t be able to breathe and the candy will seep into his body, turning the reindeer’s entire body into candy, killing him within three minutes. Chopper can do nothing but scream, and Perospero laughs at his agony, reminding them that he gave the two of them a chance to escape. Chopper’s body is then completely covered in candy and there is a clock on his head that ticks until his death. Perospero then begins to cover Brook in candy as Brook cries out, and Katakuri warns Perospero that they will soon have company. Thinking that Big Mom will be here soon, Perospero prepares to divert her to Pudding and Chiffon on Cocoa Island, only to stare in shock as the Straw Hats arrive, still being chased by Big Mom. Realizing that it was their soldiers that were destroyed by the lightning, Katakuri orders the soldiers on Sunny to return to the Mirror World as they would soon be knocked out by Luffy’s Haoshoku Haki. The soldiers obey Katakuri and quickly retreat into the mirror.
Perospero praises the Straw Hats for making it this far and attacks them with a giant sugar iron maiden that is covered in spikes. Luffy prepares to attack and Perospero warns of the dangers of doing so as he flaunts the spikes. Jinbe tells Luffy to go around it, but Luffy decides to go through with it. To Perospero’s shock, Luffy punches through Candy Maiden with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. Luffy then swings a punch at Katakuri and Katakuri extends a mochi arm to deflect it. With Big Mom on one side and Perospero and Katakuri on the other, Jinbe tells Luffy to get Katakuri off the ship so they can get to the sea, and Luffy attacks Katakuri with punches but takes no damage as Katakuri turns his body. into the mochi. As the rest of the team arrives at Sunny, Pedro tells Carrot not to let this turn of events faze him, as he believes that the Straw Hats are the people the Kozuki family has been waiting for for hundreds of years, as well as the ones who will bring the dawn to the world.
Perospero tells Mont-d’Or through the Den Den Mushi to surround the tarte coast with ships, and Mont-d’Or complies. On Sunny Nami tells Jinbe about the Coup de Burst and how it can send them flying a kilometer away. The team prepares to use it to get away from the encroaching Big Mom, and Jinbe notices Candy Brook and Chopper before seeing a blockade of Candy Island and Nuts Island Tarte ships surrounding them from the other side. Katakuri knocks Luffy down and Sunny is suddenly trapped in candy as Perospero laughs from the shore, causing the Straw Hats to become angry and scared as they can no longer use the Coup de Burst. Perospero awaits the destruction of the Straw Hats from all sides, but suddenly Pedro is attacked. Perospero manages to quickly block the mink’s strike and subdue him, pinning him to the ground with a cane stick. He brags about his fighting strength and the 700,000,000 reward to Beli, but to his surprise, Pedro discovers a collection of bombs in his jacket and lights them up. The Straw Hats watch the scene in shock as the bombs explode, engulfing Pedro and Perospero in a massive explosion.

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