Read One Piece Manga Chapter 881


Luffy asks what’s going on aboard the Sunny as Big Mom and her friend approach on the waves. Charlotte Perospero tries to stop her from hitting on Sunny by telling her that she will also sink the allegedly stolen wedding cake, but his words fall on deaf ears. . As the Straw Hats cry desperately, Jinbe instructs Chopper, Carrot, and Brook to adjust the mainsail and asks Nami which way the wind is blowing. Nami asks in disbelief if she’s only going to steer the ship with the mainsail. Jinbe tells them all to hold on and steers the ship into the “Green Room”, a short pocket created inside the crest of the wave. Nami stares in awe at Jinbe’s skill as he pilots Sunny out of danger.
Meanwhile, in the mirror world, Luffy wonders if Sunny survived while Brûlée revels in the supposed destruction of the ship. Looking through the mirror at the Sunny, Joscarpone wonders why the ship doesn’t appear to be underwater. As he says this, the mirrors begin to shatter and Mascarpone believes it is due to the pressure Sunny is experiencing underwater. Nami contacts Luffy through the mirror shard and asks him to get away from the others. He runs off with only Katakuri noticing.
Luffy is informed that Sunny survived and all the mirrors were destroyed as per his orders. Nami informs him that they are on their way to Cocoa Island to meet up with Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon who are busy working on a replacement cake. After defeating Katakuri, Luffy is told to find a mirror that leads to Cacao Island. Shortly after, Katakuri grabs Luffy in the mochi, causing him to fall and swallow the shard. Katakuri then repeatedly kicks Luffy and he narrowly escapes from being smashed into the ground. After spitting out pieces of glass, Luffy tells them to hurry. He tries to get up as Katakuri taunts him. Pulling his trident out of his mochi, Katakuri predicts what Luffy will say, asking if he’s sure he wants those to be his last words, with Luffy declaring that he won’t die here regardless.

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