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During the fight between Katakuri and Luffy, Brûlée once again taunts Luffy by telling him that he doesn’t stand a chance against the best of Big Mom’s children. Much to Katakuri’s irritation, she tells Luffy about Katakuri’s reputation of never getting laid in her life, but is stopped when an irritated Luffy tries to hit her. Luffy’s attack is intercepted by Katakuri, who grabs Luffy’s arm and slams him into the mirror wall. Katakuri follows this up by attempting to hit Luffy with his spinning trident, Mogura, which Luffy just manages to dodge. After the wall behind Luffy explodes with the force of the attack, Katakuri threatens to take Luffy apart piece by piece.
Back at sea, Perospero receives word from Brûlée via Den Den Mushi that the Thousand Sunny was not sunk by his and Big Mom’s mutual tidal wave friend. At Brûlée’s direction, Perospero directs Big Mom to Cacao Island, but Big Mom seems to divert course towards Nuts Island.
After a period of fighting, Luffy notes that fighting Katakuri was more tiring than usual, as Katakuri could predict where he was planning to dodge, meaning that each escape required extra effort. Katakuri also notices that his attacks have never been dodged so much, so he decides to use his awakened Devil Fruit powers to turn the mirror world’s soil into mochi. As the mochi wraps around Luffy, Luffy bites his arm, leading Katakuri to notice Luffy’s imminent Gear 4 activation.
In Sweet City, Mont-d’Or wonders why Totto Land’s territorial sea slug network hasn’t reported any sightings of the Straw Hats. At the same time, the Pekoms mourn the apparent death of Pedro, while Niwatori expresses his surprise at Pedro’s sacrifice. Despite Mont-d’Or’s confidence, Niwatori points out all the unexpected incidents that have happened since the Straw Hats arrived in Totto Land and recommends sending a strong division as the last line of defense.
Moments later, the Big Mom Pirates receive word from Custard that her group has lost sight of the Fire Tank Pirates, leading Mont-d’Or to order an inspection of the sea floor. The Fire Tank Pirates head to Cacao Island in their ship to meet Chiffon. Meanwhile, another communication informs Mont-d’Or that Germa 66 has been crushed by a separate squad, but the communication is revealed to be from Niji (disguised as Charlotte Nusstorte). Keeping up the charade, Niji asks Mont-d’Or about the whereabouts of the Straw Hats and is informed that they are still not captured and heading west. After defeating his pursuers, Ichiji gave the order for the Germa 66 to set sail.

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