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After activating Gear 4, Luffy continues to beat up Katakuri with several Gear 4 attacks, eventually sending Sweet Commander flying. Luffy states that since Busoshoku Haki creates Logia types and it simply went through Katakuri, he knew he wasn’t a Logia user. He notes that Katakuri’s most notable trait is not his control over his Mochi Mochi no Mi abilities, but his Kenbunshoku Haki, and states that his Gear 4 form will not be defeated. Katakuri glares at him, but is amazed that Luffy was able to figure this out and wonders aloud how long it’s been since he’s actually been hit by an opponent. He mentions that if the Kenbunshoku Haki user is not calm or collected, they will not be able to use this ability. He notes that he is starting to realize how Luffy was able to outsmart Charlotte Cracker. He then grabs Luffy by the mochi and hits him directly in the chest, smashing him through several walls. Katakuri comments that Luffy is back to square one.
On Cacao Island, Pound approaches the candy factory and asks to see Chiffon, despite the guards insisting that Pudding did not ask anyone to enter. Inside, Pudding, Chiffon and Sanji continue to work on the cake as Brûlée informs Pudding that the Straw Hat’s ship will arrive at the island at around 1am to meet Luffy. He states that Luffy will never defeat Katakuri and they won’t get there in time and that Big Mom will destroy them during her eating spree.
At the same time, Oven arrives on the island and wonders why no one is inside, not even the other members of the Charlotte family. Regardless, he listens to the request, but becomes curious about the commotion outside the factory. She notices Pound and decides to fire him, despite his pleas. Pudding is worried about Luffy and says that Katakuri has never lost to anyone. Sanji smiles and says that Katakuri will suffer his first loss.
As the Thousand Sunny continues its journey towards Cacao Island, Nami wonders why there are no pursuers. Jinbe also notices and hopes that Aladdin and the other Sun Pirates made it safely. While Mont-d’Or is informed that Big Mom is attacking Nut Island, he is informed that all the territorial sea slugs have mysteriously disappeared. He asks in disbelief what happened to them, and it turns out that Praline sang to all the sea slugs, rendering each of them inactive and opening the way for them all to escape Totto Land.

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