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Angry that he lost his advantage against Katakuri, Luffy fires the Kong Gun at him, but it is deflected. Katakuri launches an attack of his own that knocks Luffy back and bounces against the wall. The sweet commander states that the only thing he has proven is that as long as he remains calm, Luffy will not be able to defeat him. An angry Luffy confidently states that he will find another weakness. When Katakuri remarks that Luffy will shrink, Luffy realizes that his Gear 4 will wear out soon. He then retreats from the battle, but Katakuri refuses to let Luffy go and chases after him. Luffy’s Gear 4 deactivates, but he continues to escape. Just then, Luffy finds Brûlée sitting near a nearby mirror. Luffy then grabs her and jumps through the mirror. Katakuri tries to catch Luffy but fails.
Unfortunately, the place Luffy escapes to is Nuts Island, and he stares ahead as Big Mom continues her search for the wedding cake. Both Charlotte Perospero and Charlotte Amande try to dissuade her from destroying the island, but both are ignored as she tears the city apart. Perospero then notices Luffy and informs Big Mom, who now shifts her attention to both him and Brûlée. Perospero tries to stop Luffy, still holding Brûlée captive, from escaping with the Candy Wall and Luffy tries to break it with the Gigant Pistol, but it has no effect. Amande then tries to attack Luffy, but Luffy dodges the blow and jumps over the wall. Luffy continues to escape from Big Mom and Perospero.
Aboard the Thousand Sunny, Nami and Jinbe continue to explore the unnaturally calm sea. Nami believes she must regroup with Sanji and the others to avoid Big Mom’s unbridled fury. Elsewhere at sea, Big Mom’s pirates gathered with Queen Mom Chanter and a fleet of Tarteships. Charlotte Mont-d’Or gathers them to go after the Straw Hats, Fire Tank Pirates and Sun Pirates who are trying to escape the archipelago. He orders them all sunk immediately on sight.
At Cacao Island, one of the chefs faints from the sweetness of Sanji’s secret ingredient, simsim whipped cream. Charlotte Pudding wants to try too, but Sanji says they’ll need him for the cake. Chiffon informs them that the cake is done and the whipped cream and chocolate Pudding are ready as well. Noticing that they are running on schedule, Sanji asks about the preparations to move the cake aboard the ship. After hearing that they are ready to set sail, Sanji tells them that they will deliver the cake at the end of their meeting with the Thousand Sunny.

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