Read One Piece Manga Chapter 887


The citizens of Cocoa Island are shocked to see Bege shoot Oven. Soldiers under Owen’s command claim they are surrounded. Oven stands up and says he will personally execute Bege. Pudding nervously asks Chiffon what they should do now that they are completely blocked from the port. Despite the odds, Bege orders Nostra Castello to continue forward. Once the ship reached the coast, the paddles turned into tank treads, revealing that the ship was amphibious and could travel on land. Oven is stunned by this and orders his men to fire on Bege and the ship. Bege tells Chiffon and WCI31 to pass them the cake. The cooks say there’s no way to carry it safely, but Sanji kicks the carriage and lowers it onto Bege’s ship. The oven is surprised to see the cake moving and wonders how a mere cook can have the strength to move something so large with just one leg.
After the cake lands safely aboard the Nostra Castello, Chiffon and Bege embrace with Pez while Pudding falls in love with Sanji all over again. Despite his men pleading with Owen to move, he does not move and declares that he will stop the ship. Nostra Castello immediately runs him over, shocking Oven’s subordinates. Chiffon tells Bege that they must travel to the Southeast Seas. Both Bege and Pudding note that the only way to get there is by land, which will destroy some of the chocolate houses. As they leave, Chiffon notices Pound smiling and waving at them, again not recognizing him as her father. However, Pez notices Grandpa and happily waves back. Nostra Castello later reaches the sea.
As Bege corrects Sanji after the latter thanks him for saving him, Vito notices that the fish in the area have been cooked and are swimming. Oven is revealed to have survived the run over and is heating up the sea with his Devil Fruit powers. They realize that the sudden increase in heat has destroyed some of Nostra Castello’s paddles and will also damage the cake. Suddenly, Pez starts laughing and waving towards the shore. Chiffon looks over to see Pound lunging towards Oven with a large club. He hits Owen in the back of the head and shatters his club. Oven scowls as he slowly raises his arm from the ocean and lowers the temperature back to normal. Pound remarks that he should have fallen into the ocean when Oven came menacingly close to his stepfather. Pound waves at Pez once more as he quietly tells his grandson that his mother and father will take good care of him.
Pound remembers when both Chiffon and Lola were born and Big Mom immediately rejected him before he even had a chance to hold his two newborn daughters. He adjusts his tie as the oven swings a large heated blade at his neck. Pound silently apologizes for not being there for either of his daughters, but is grateful that he was able to see Chiffon happy for once in his life. As he congratulates Chiffon on her marriage, Pez starts crying uncontrollably when Oven hits Pound.
Aboard the Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats, Jinbe, and Carrot find themselves once again being chased by Big Mom and the Tarteship fleet. They decide to continue while Sanji orders the chefs to start decorating the cake.

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