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As Bavarois and Perospero comment on Big Mom’s new physical state, the emaciated Emperor makes his way through the upper deck to find the cake he desires. Seeing nothing, Jinbe confirms that there is no cake on the ship, but Big Mom refuses to believe him because that would mean Perospero lied to her and she would have to kill him. Perospero is horrified that his mother remembers her promise, but Big Mom can’t believe her eldest son would lie to her as she takes out Napoleon and engulfs him in flames. Jinbe blocks the massive hat sword with his arms charged with Busoshoku Haki, but though he stops it for a brief moment, Big Mom quickly overpowers him and sends him flying into the ocean. Big Mom looks for the cake in the upper deck and Nami tries to stop her because that’s where Carrot is resting. Big Mom says Nami will have to stop when she gets stuck in the upper deck with Napoleon, and Brook notices Prometheus setting sails on fire. Big Mom tries to smash Nami to the floor, but Chopper activates Guard Point and blocks her attack. While Brook worries that the Sunny is on fire, Jinbe suddenly sends a large sea current to extinguish the ship, weakening Prometheus. Fish-Man then jumps up and uses a powerful Fish-Man Karate technique, punching Big Mom in the chest with such force that she falls off the ship.
Big Mom is quickly saved by Zeus and the Straw Hats celebrate Jinbe’s attack as they try to make the most of it, but know that Big Mom will soon recover. Big Mom then decides to cut the whole ship in half to find the cake, while Napoleon draws his blade. In response, Nami offers Zeus a pair of storm clouds, but he refuses to succumb to temptation again and attacks her. However, Brook attacks instead of Nami because she is immune to lightning since she has no flesh. Big Mom recognizes Brook and says he couldn’t scratch her in their last battle. However, Brook distracts her by asking to see her panties, allowing him to cut Zeus in half in the blink of an eye. He reveals that the crew’s goal was to take out Zeus, and Nami sends her storm clouds between the two halves of the cloud homie. With this, Zeus unleashes his full power and engulfs Big Mom in a massive blast of electricity, much to the shock of her children. Sunny then quickly moves to escape and Brook brings a smaller and weakened Zeus onto the ship. Nami then asks Zeus if he would like to serve her or die. However, Big Mom remains in the air atop Prometheus and orders him to chase after Sunny.

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