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In the town of Hakuriki on Komugi Island, the citizens were shocked by the breaking of mirrors as a result of the battle between Katakuri and Luffy in the mirror world. They comment on their surprise at how long this fight took. On Whole Cake Island, Count Niwatori also noted this when he saw that it was already 9:30 PM. Next to him is a table where Stussy and Morgans are sitting, and Stussy reveals to Niwatori and Mont-d’Or that the Tamatebako given to them by the Straw Hats and Fish-Man Island was the cause of the explosion that brought down the Whole Cake Castle. .
In the mirror world, the 36th daughter of the Charlotte family and the leader of the Katakuri Fan Club, Charlotte Flampe, orders her subordinates to help her older brother Katakuri by sniping at Luffy. However, Luffy is too fast and the snipers keep missing, causing her to impale one of them with a fork. She reveals that since Katakuri is the favorite of all his younger brothers and sisters, she must work to earn his favor so that she can be the favorite of all her 41 older brothers. He also doesn’t want Katakuri to have such trouble taking down Luffy, who is still very persistent even when he’s at a disadvantage. Luffy gets up from the floor, but Katakuri quickly creates more mochi donuts and attacks him again with mochi arms. Luffy unsuccessfully tries to dodge, but Sweet Commander hits him with a mochi kick, sending him crashing into a wall while being choked by the mochi. However, Luffy crashes through the other side of the wall, and Katakuri says that the fall is shameful in itself. Anticipating Luffy’s actions perfectly, Katakuri punched him in the head and then the shoulders to prevent him from getting up and attacking. Luffy manages to regain his composure and counter Katakuri’s massive punch, and despite being overpowered again, Katakuri notes that he rarely manages to see into the future. Sweet Commander tells Luffy to give up and says that Big Mom’s fleet will take down the Straw Hats before they reach Cocoa Island and will be waiting for Luffy if he gets out of the mirror world. However, Luffy ignores Katakuri’s statement and promises to get out of the mirror world.
On board the Nostra Castello, Sanji’s team finishes the wedding cake and everyone on board celebrates. Sanji thanks Pudding and Chiffon for helping him, and Pudding has mood swings, threatening that Big Mom’s Pirates may have already destroyed the Straw Hats and Big Mom might not even like the cake. When Chiffon admonishes her, she then reverts back to her sweet personality, gasping in shock at her words. Both Sanji and Luffy then say that they will return to their crew because the others believe in them.
At sea, Chopper activates Monster Point, the awesome Perospero. With Prometheus getting massively bigger and the water in the ocean not enough to stop it, Chopper prepares to grab Big Mom at the last minute and drag her into the ocean with him. However, Nami sees Nostra Castello in the distance and Big Mom catches the smell of cake.

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