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Crew Sunny is happy to see Sanji heading towards them on Nostra Castello, and Big Mom catches the scent of the wedding cake heading her way. Bege notices Sanna’s situation and has his crew man their positions, but Sanji dances on the bow of the ship as he calls out to Nami. While the Straw Hats and the Big Mom Pirates watch Sanji’s dance from afar, Perospero and the Bavarois fleet notice the cake, but Perospero suspects that Bege poisoned the cake. However, he faces the dilemma that Big Mom’s rampage will be unstoppable if he destroys her. Bege declares to Sanji that he will take the cake and keep his promise not to make a move against Big Mom until he eats it. Sanji is fine with his plan and heads to Sunny with Pudding on Rabiyan, the flying carpet running fast enough to be missed by Perospero and Bavarois. Big Mom chases Nostra Castello with Prometheus and Napoleon at the ready, and while Perospero and Bavarois follow, Sanji returns to Sunny and is hugged by Nami and Brooke. Sanji tells Jinbe about Bege’s plan to try to assassinate Big Mom again after feeding her and notices the damage done to Sunny. He then asks where Carrot and Pedro are, and Brook lies that Pedro, who is probably dead, is resting in the hold next to Carrot.
Bege contacts Perospero and clearly tells him that they are only going to feed Big Mom and then leave. This makes Perospero more suspicious and decides for him and Bavarois to go after Bege and Big Mom while Smoothie leads her fleet after Sunny. Smoothie and her sisters Citron and Cinnamon are eager to get moving, and Smoothie orders her soldiers to prepare for battle while they pursue the Straw Hats. On Sunny, Sanji reveals that the Big Mom pirates have learned of their plan to meet Luffy on Cocoa Island, and there are probably fleets waiting for them. As the Fire Tank Pirates gleefully await Big Mom to consume the cake, Sunny’s crew quickly notice Smoothie’s fleet chasing them and wonder what to do when they reach Cocoa Island in three hours. Sanji only has the idea that he could pass the island.
Meanwhile, the Big Mom Pirates create a blockade on Cocoa Island at the order of the oven to barricade it from the Straw Hats. They express doubts about whether or not such a force is necessary, but Oven is in contact with Mont-d’Or, who has revealed Tamatebako’s role in the collapse of Whole Cake Castle. As a result, Big Mom Pirates have no intention of taking straw hats lightly. Trouba then orders the citizens of Cocoa Island to break all their mirrors, revealing that only the one in front of him will remain intact. If Luffy escapes, he will have no choice but to go through with it and be executed by the Big Mom Pirates. He threatens the citizens’ families with execution if they disobey, prompting them to take action.
In the mirror world, Katakuri once again overpowers Luffy, but as he continues to taunt the pirate, he recognizes that Luffy’s skill in Kenbunshoku Haki is slowly approaching his own. A bullet suddenly hits Luffy in the leg, and to avoid even the slightest chance of Luffy overpowering him, Katakuri uses Mochi Tsuki. Luffy, hit by a bullet, is unable to dodge the attack in time and is hit in the left side by Mogura, causing him to scream in pain while Flampe laughs.

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