Read One Piece Manga Chapter 895


Luffy activates Gear 4: Snakeman. The form only marginally inflates his arms and legs, but he claims to be much faster as he fires an extremely fast punch at Katakuri. The attack seemingly missed, only to come back and hit Katakuri in the face. Luffy then strikes again and Katakuri notices the attack coming his way, but is unable to fully defend himself as the strike knocks him away. He recovers and dodges another blow aimed directly at him, but this time he realizes it hit him in the side and dodges again. However, Luffy says it’s no use as his arm is still not only changing direction, but increasing speed at the same time, and successfully hits Katakuri, sending him crashing into a wall.
Katakuri quickly recovers and Luffy fires another punch at him, but Sweet Commander dodges it as he forms into a donut and rolls towards Luffy. Fueled by his momentum, Katakuri then throws out a mochi arm covered in flaming Busoshoku Haki and stabs it into Luffy with a great force he calls Zan Giri Mochi. The stickiness of the mochi prevents Luffy from escaping as Katakuri swings her arm before slamming it into the ground, causing Luffy to fall through the Mirro-World floor and create a small chasm.
Luffy briefly expressed the pain he felt from the attack before jumping up to face Katakuri and the two exchanged quick punches. The exchange ends with both of them being forced back, and after Katakuri anticipates and counters Luffy’s next strike, Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Black Mamba to move his punches in all directions at great speed. However, Katakuri is able to dodge the attacks gracefully and kicks Luffy away before ducking into a circle and rolling towards Luffy again. He says that this is the end, and Luffy counters that he will summon the end instead as he blows on his arm and moves towards Katakuri. Luffy’s forearm expands as he unleashes Gomu Gomu no King Cobra against Katakuri’s Zan Giri Mochi and the two engage in a massive clash.

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