Read One Piece Manga Chapter 896


At 12:28 on Cacao Island, one of the Decuplets considers the possibility of Luffy defeating Katakuri and is quickly reprimanded, with even the oven refusing to acknowledge any chance of that happening. Raisin suggests that Luffy try to capture Brûlée, and his crew members readily agree to the possibility. Unbeknownst to them, Sanji hides in a nearby alley and grimly remarks that if Luffy can’t quickly lose the hordes of pirates, they will both meet their end. He tells Pudding, who is sitting further down the aisle, that they will have to split up when Luffy comes out, and remembers the unusual way they met. Sanji thanks Pudding for her help, which leaves Pudding torn as she was actively working against him and intended to kill him, but Sanji doesn’t mind and says he’s glad she was his fiancée. Pudding cries and tells Sanji that she has one last request for him as she takes the cigarette out of his mouth.
At 12:37 on Mirro-World, Luffy and Katakuri both attacked each other. The ground beneath Luffy crumbles after his final encounter with Katakuri, and he falls unconscious as Gear 4 deactivates. Shortly after, Katakuri also collapses. At 12:40 on Whole Cake Island, the Morgans talk about the news spectacle it would be if the Straw Hats managed to escape from Totto Land, causing Mont-d’Or to become angry as he assured the Morgans that their excessive powers crushes the Straw Hats, stating that even Gol D. Roger will not be able to escape their concentrated power. He tells Morgans to cover up the executions of the Straw Hats instead, and Stussy notes his brutality.
At 12:43, Big Mom and Prométheus are close enough to Nostra Castello to start setting it on fire, and Bege’s crew begs him to leave the pie and run, but Bege tells them not to waver and stay face to face with each other. death. Two minutes later, the Straw Hats are on course to reach Cocoa Island by 1:00 AM, but express concern that Luffy won’t be able to get out of the mirror world and meet them without Brûlée. Two minutes later in the Mirror World, Luffy regains consciousness and pulls himself out of the abyss, plans for the meeting fresh in his mind. However, Katakuri gets up and stands in Luffy’s way. Sweet Commander asks if Luffy will come back and defeat Big Mom, and Luffy confirms, saying that he will become the Pirate King. Katakuri remarks that Luffy can see far into the future as blood spurts from a wound in his chest and he falls unconscious on his back. Luffy puts his hat over Katakuri’s mouth before leaving and soon hears Brûlée’s devastated screams as he sees his older brother defeated. She herself was captured and bound by Pekoms, who disguised herself as “Nazoma”, and he obtained her to save Luffy, as he wants to honor Pedro’s memory by helping the Straw Hat escape.
At 12:50 Cacao Island comes into sight of the Straw Hats and Sanji warns them not to get too close to the fleet, saying he’ll bring Luffy to the ship when he gets out. Five minutes pass and with five minutes to go Oven have their weapons ready as they prepare to ambush Luffy.

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