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Four minutes before the meeting, the Thousand Sunny is visible from Cocoa Island. The Straw Hats looked in awe at the number of Big Mom Pirates members waiting for them, Jinbe told them that these people were the ‘Grand Fleet’. Behind them, Smoothie’s crew ask their captain what they should do now, to which Smoothie replies to reverse the rear of the fleet, leaving the Straw Hats cornered. Meanwhile, on Whole Cake Island, Mont-d’Or orders an unknown individual to connect the transponder snails and that he has heard about the situation on Cacao Island.
Back on Cacao Island, Sanji awaits Luffy’s arrival. Everyone expects Luffy to come from the mirror world. Owen’s army starts yelling for Luffy to come out at any moment. In the mirror world, Pekoms tells Luffy about his Sulong form, that when he transforms into it, he loses control and can only hear Pedro’s voice. He then reveals why he was helping the Straw Hats to fulfill Pedro’s last wish and plans to use his Sulong form as a distraction while Luffy escapes. Brûlée insists he’s a traitor and says it won’t work if Pekoms tells him to shut up and is completely ignored.
On Cocoa Island, Brûlée can be heard calling for help from a mirror. As all the snipers prepare their weapons, Pekoms comes out with Brûlée as a human shield and to his surprise, everyone recognizes him when they ask him why he came out through the mirror and not Luffy. Pekoms tells them not to move and he takes off his glasses before looking up at the full moon, ignoring the cries of the Big Mom Pirates to stop before he goes on a rampage. Furious at the betrayal, Oven heats up Pekoms’ gun and uses ‘Heat Wave Fist’ to subdue him with the help of the army. Luffy is knocked out of his hiding place in Pekoms’ mane and Sanji uses the transponder auger to tell the other Straw Pirates that Luffy has come out.
Luffy tries to escape the ambush and jumps onto the roof, but is blocked by Raisin, who draws his sword to hit Luffy. However, Sanji jumps out of hiding to save his captain and kicks Raisin away. Sanji grabs Luffy and asks if he won, to which Luffy says yes and they run off through the sky. Trouba calls them naive and says he was prepared for this because some pirates use Geppo to counter them. Meanwhile, the other pirates on the island subdue and beat Pekoms, trying to gouge out his eyes to prevent him from using his Sulong form. Distracted by Pekoms’ screams of agony, Sanji and Luffy are attacked by Yuen and knocked down as the rest of the pirates surround them and shoot, only for the bullets to somehow deflect.
A sudden explosion causes the ships in the dock to burn and attracts everyone’s attention. The pirate reports to Snack that another fleet is attacking them, which is revealed to be Germa 66. The Big Mom Pirates are surprised to see this, as it was reported that the Germa Kingdom was supposed to be killed hours ago. The Germ fleet prepares for another attack, while the Vinsmoke children are revealed to have surrounded Luffy and Sanji, blocking the missiles. Ichiji sarcastically thanks the Big Mom Pirates for their behavior during the tea party and tells Sanji that they saved him by coincidence because they also wanted a chance to stir things up.

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