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The Big Mom Pirates attack Germ with 66 bullets only to have no effect on their enemy. Ichiji orders Sanji to take Luffy and leave the island as they intend to settle the score. The Big Mom Pirates continue their attack before they soon remember the stories about their enhanced bodies. Trouba asks what happened to Nusstorte, which Ichiji revealed was thrown into the sea, comparing Nusstorte and his fleets to insects that were beaten.
In the ruined castle of Whole Cake, Mont-d’Or desperately tries to contact his brothers after hearing that Germa defeated them, but receives no response as Niwatori panics at the unbelievable events and wonders how Germa came to be. At the now empty Lake Aprico, a defeated Nusstorte is shown floating on the sea.
Off Cacao Island, Smoothie orders her fleet to maintain a course behind the Straw Hats, ignoring Germa’s appearance. She is joined by Daifuku, who says he caught up to make sure he deals with their enemies.
Meanwhile on the Thousand Sunny, everyone wonders if Germa is on their side before being contacted by Sanji, who tells them to sail past Cacao Island harbor.
Back on the island, Sanji easily breaks through a few of Big Mom’s pirates while he and Luffy escape. While the Big Mom Pirates prefer not to let them escape, Brûlée tearfully tells them not to let the Straw Hats escape as she informs everyone that Luffy did in fact defeat Katakuri and did not escape as they assume. This news is met with disbelief and outrage, as no one considered the possibility that their unbeatable brother would be defeated.
This act causes a stunned Oven to become filled with rage as he takes his spear to attack the unconscious Luffy and Sanji, but is overpowered by Ichiji, who orders Sanji to escape into the sky.
Charlotte Yuen tries to attack Sanji once more, but Yonji intervenes by destroying the ball of Yuen’s staff before grabbing his head and swinging it, knocking him into buildings and his crew.
As Sanji escapes in mid-air, he is shot by several snipers, one of whom readies a missile, but Niji flies in and catches Sanji as he explodes. While holding on to Sanji and Luffy, Niji travels at high speed and takes out several pirates with his swords. Big Mom Pirates can’t believe their Straw Hats are missing when the oven is messed up too.
Niji then throws Sanji and Luffy towards the Thousand Sunny, sending them over Big Mom’s pirate fleet.
With the duo flying away from Cacao Island, Oven contacts Snack, Brownie, and Jocondo to deal with them from their blockade ships. However, his calls go unanswered as many of the blockade fleet crew are taken out by Reiju, who uses her poison to ensure her brother escapes.
As the group sails past the harbor on the Sunny, Carrot spots Sanji flying through the air and alerts the group, who are excited by Sanji’s success as he tells his captain that their ship is in sight.

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