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Mont-d’Or frantically calls Perospero to ask about the status of Big Mom and the cake. Bavarois answers and reveals that Perospero is getting weaker because he hasn’t been healing his wounds for so long. Perospero takes Den Den Mushi and tells Mont-d’Or that the cake was left behind on Funwari Island. She then tells him to warn the citizens of Earth Totto that one of three outcomes will occur after Big Mom eats the cake. If the cake is poisoned and Big Mom dies, it will be the end of Big Mom Pirates. If Big Mom survives the poisoning attempt but doesn’t like the cake, she’ll go on a rampage and destroy Totto Land. The only way to get through this ordeal with only the damage currently taken will be if the cake is delicious. Mont-d’Or states that the citizens are already aware of this and wonders where the Stussy and Morgans are. He is enraged when he hears that they have left the island and orders them captured, as he does not want news of these events to leak to the outside world.
On Nuts Island, the citizens of Peanuts Town mourn the destruction of their home by Big Mom. On Poripori Island, the citizens lose hope, thinking that the pudding could not recreate the cake that lasted Streusen for days. The people of Cutlery Island have the same opinion and prepare to flee, and those on Ice Island hear that the cake is on Funwari. There, the citizens of Fluffy Town flee in fear, believing that the cake will not work and that Chiffon has tricked Big Mom into destroying them. Chiffon puts her faith in Sanji’s cooking skills, and with Nostra Castello destroyed, Bege is eager to find out what will happen to Totto Land as he grabs his wife and races off at the heels of the tank, saying he wouldn’t forgive the Straw Hats. if they died after all he did. Big Mom lands in front of the cake and is about to eat it.
Off the coast of Cacao Island, Sanji and Luffy reach the Thousand Sunny and Luffy is welcomed and cared for by his fellow crew members. However, they are quickly attacked by Smoothie’s flying slashes as her fleet approaches them, only to be fired upon by the Germa 66 fleet on the Judge’s orders. Daifuku orders his fleet not to engage with them, knowing that they are focused on fighting the Big Mom pirate blockade. Sanji and Judge make eye contact and Judge asks Luffy why he did the unthinkable of invading Totto Land to save Sanji, listing all the reasons why he thinks Sanji is weak-minded and useless. However, Luffy simply bids him farewell and expresses his confusion to his crew as to why Judge was listing “positive” qualities about Sanji, much to Sanji’s chagrin when he states that he didn’t, causing Jinbe and Chopper to laugh. Carrot alerts the crew that Big Mom’s pirate fleet has gathered ahead of them, putting them in danger of being easily surrounded again. The fleet hits the Sunny with cannon fire, and Daifuku’s genie flies in and attacks Carrot as his fleet catches up with the Sunny from behind. Sanji blocks the genie’s punch, but Daifuku and Smoothie think they’re playing with straw hats at the moment. The Big Mom Pirates’ ships quickly reach Sunny and Jinbe almost gives up hope, but the sea below the fleet suddenly swells as Wadatsumi explodes, sending several ships flying. The Straw Hats recognize Wadatsumi as a member of Hoda Jones’ crew, and Jinbe dives underwater, where he is reunited with the Sun Pirates, who pledge to serve their former captain until he gets out of Totto Land.

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