One Piece Manga Chapter 9

One Piece Manga Chapter 9

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Nami tries to bond with Luffy. The Buggy Pirates try to find the map she stole, but when they return to Buggy empty-handed, he shoots one with his cannon. Nami takes Luffy to the house and explains the situation and who Buggy is. Luffy asks her if she wants to join his crew; she refuses. Luffy explains to her why his straw hat is a treasure. Nami says she hates pirates the most. They leave the house and go to look for Buggy, but Nami tricks Luffy, ties him up with a rope and brings him to Buggy to broker a deal. Zoro arrives at the village.
Nami invites Luffy to join her, claiming that he is a thief who steals from pirates. Nami asks Luffy what is so important about his hat that makes him furious when Buggy’s crew touch it, wondering if it has gems or a treasure map inside.
On the roof of the bar, Buggy talks to one of the crew members after Nami escapes. Buggy can’t hear him and thinks he said something about his nose being weird. The man is lifted into the air using Buggy’s Devil Fruit powers; Buggy orders the rest of the crew to man the cannon and fire. After the man was killed by cannon fire, Buggy orders everyone to search the town for thieves and treasure.
In another house, Nami asks Luffy about his crew numbers. After knowing that there are only two of them, she explains to Luffy who Buggy is and why the city is empty because the population is hiding. He warns Luffy that Buggy likes to use his cannon and that he once destroyed an entire town because the boy made fun of his nose. Nami is fed up with Luffy’s short attention span and tendency to ignore her.
Nami reveals her quest to collect Beli100,000,000 and buy the village. She starts talking about a plan she has for the Grand Line map she stole: she’s going to go there and steal all the famous pirates in that ocean who she thinks must be in possession of the next treasure. Nami confirms that she is a navigator and Luffy is excited to join his adventure; however, when he tells her he is a pirate, she changes her mind. Nami repeats her suspicions about the straw hat Luffy is wearing and thinks there must be a treasure map inside. Luffy tells her about the symbolic value of the hat given to him by his friend, to whom he swore to form a pirate crew. Nami explains that she hates pirates the most, she only likes mikan and money. However, as he now knows that Luffy has no treasures or much intelligence, he suddenly gets an idea. She agrees to join him if he comes with her to see Buggy. However, he takes some rope with him, and when he approaches his hideout, Nami ties Luffy to him.
Buggy tells his crew that they believe they will be killed because they were unable to find the thief who stole their map. They explain that according to their ideas with the thief Nami, her boss was Luffy, who was the reason they couldn’t get the map. Just then, Nami and Luffy enter the scene, much to Buggy’s surprise. Nami tells Luffy that she had a fight with her boss and decides to pretend to join Buggy’s crew and gives her the map she stole. Luffy is trapped in a cage.
Elsewhere, Zoro arrives on an island with pirates he met along the way, who explain to him that their crew is currently raiding a village. Zoro decides to meet with Buggy to get information about Luffy.

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