One Piece Manga Chapter 900

One Piece Manga Chapter 900

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Big Mom eats the wedding cake, which she euphorically enjoys. Big Mom’s pirates rejoice when her desires end and quickly overpower their opponents as Oven drives off the Sun Pirates, the forces on Cocoa Island gain bullets effective against the Vin smoke family, and the Thousand Sunny is attacked by Queen Mom. Chanter.
In and around Funwari Island, Perospero and Chiffon watch expectantly as Big Mama begins to eat the wedding cake. Chiffon remembers being annoyed by Sanji’s carefree confidence when they were making the cake, but now understands the chef’s immense abilities. Big Mama backs off after the first bite, which worries Perospero, but she begins to shed tears of sheer delight as she loudly proclaims that this is the wedding cake she’s been looking for. Everyone watches as Big Mom’s mindless spree comes to an end. Bavarois thinks about the poison in the cake, and although Perospero still believes it exists, he concludes that it was ineffective against Big Mom. While tearing into the cake, Perospero contacts the entire land of Totto to announce the end of her rampage, causing everyone to cheer and celebrate. Pudding is credited with creating the cake, and when she hears the citizens thanking her from the alley on Cocoa Island, she smiles and thinks it’s not her fault.

At sea near Cacao Island, Daifuku and Smoothie watch as the Sun Pirates stop the movement of the Big Mom Pirates’ fleet and attack it, creating a path for the Straw Hats to swim through. Jimbe discovers that his former crew also neutralized the Territorial Sea Slugs. However, Oven steps out of the mirror onto one of Cacao Island’s blockade ships and informs the ship’s crew that Brule has brought his army bullets, which are effective against Germa 66’s forces. Oven declares that he cannot forgive Luffy for defeating Katakuri and thrusts his hands into the ocean and she cooks him. The heat extends to where the Straw Hats and Sun Pirates are, forcing the Sun Pirates to retreat deep underwater to escape the searing temperatures. On Whole Cake Island, Mont-d’Or receives word that Queen Mama Chanter has almost arrived.
As Big Mama continues to eat the cake, she begins to sing, searching for words to describe the cake, the deliciousness of which she can barely comprehend. On Cacao Island, Queen Mama Chanter confronts the Thousand Sunny while the Vin smokes are overwhelmed by the Big Mom Pirates’ enhanced bullets. The cake gives Big Mama memories of Mother Carmel and her sixth birthday party, and she realizes that what she tastes now is the same happiness as the croquembouche of that joyous day. She expresses her desire to one day eat with her childhood family again and recounts a dream she received from Carmel about creating a utopia in the land of Totto where all races could live in unity. As Big Mom dreams, her crew hits the Germa 66 fleet with a massive explosion, and Snack and another person take on Judge. Next, Sunny is attacked by Queen Mama Chanter’s cannon fire and the Straw Hats’ ship is seemingly destroyed when the sail carrying the Jolly Roger is shown floating in ocean-like debris.

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