One Piece Manga Chapter 901

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Wadatsumi manages to pull the Thousand Sunny underwater and put the Sun Pirate ship in the way of the Big Mom Pirates’ cannon fire, but the Big Mom Pirates quickly see through this ruse and the oven attacks Wadatsumi. The Sun Pirates attack the forces on Queen Mama Chanter and Jimbe can’t bring himself to leave them as Sunny is still hours away from escaping Totto Land and the revitalized Big Mama is heading towards Cocoa Island at high speed. Luffy tells Jimbe to survive and meet them in Wano Country, claiming to be Jimbe’s captain. As the Sun Pirates keep the Queen Mama Chanter at bay, the Straw Hats and the Fire Tank Pirates head for freedom unhindered and elsewhere, Morgans predicts to Stussy that one of the Baddest Generations will become the next Pirate King.

On Funwari Island, a group of Perospero and Bavarois stand over a rejuvenated Big Mom who is barely conscious in her bliss over the cake. Perospero tells her about what happened, saying that the Fire Tank Pirates should still be around.

Near Cacao Island, the Big Mom Pirates react with shock when they quickly discover that the ship they hit was not the Thousand Sunny, but a Sun Pirates ship. Underwater, Wadatsumi carries Sunny in his mouth while his colleagues tell him to carry him as far as possible. Just before the rescue, the Sun Pirates expressed reservations about putting the Fisher Tiger-engineered ship in danger, but continued regardless as Wadatsumi pulled the Sunny underwater and replaced it with his crew’s ship just as it was hit by cannonballs, exposing the shocked Straw Hats into the mouth. Big Mom’s pirate fleet turns to chase Wadatsumi, and Oven sends out heat torpedoes to hit the giant fish man. Unable to withstand the heat, Wadatsumi spits out Sun, and suffering from a boil, apologizes to the Straw Hats for his actions on Fish-Man Island, saying that out of gratitude for Jinbe taking him in, he will join the Sun Pirates in their mission. Determined to protect Jinbe and the Straw Hats from Big Mom’s wrath at the cost of their own lives, the Sun Pirates fall into formation as they face Big Mom’s pirate fleet.

Aladine tells Jinbe to continue and wishes him a safe voyage as violence quickly breaks out between the two pirate crews and he confronts Owen. However, Jinbe tells the Straw Hats to remove the floodwater from the ship and repair the sails, telling the confused crew that he cannot leave the Sun Pirates behind. With a few hours left before escaping Totto Land, Jinbe offers to act as a rear guard, telling the Straw Hats to leave it to him and promising to return alive. Luffy says that he is now the captain of Jinbe and says that they will wait for him in Wano Country.

Elsewhere at sea, Big Mom rides a candy homie with Perosper as she heads to Cocoa Island to take the Straw Hats, Jinbe, and Germa 66, saying she will take Luffy’s soul and make powerful friends with it. The Fire Tank Pirates have successfully escaped from the Big Mom Pirates on Tarte. Back on Cacao Island, the Straw Hats watch in awe as Jinbe helps the Sun Pirates unleash massive waves against Big Mom’s pirate fleet, and Aladine is initially angry at Jinbe for underestimating them, but Jinbe says that everyone must survive. In the ship in the air, Morgans and Stussy watch the Straw Hats pull away from their enemies, and Stussy wonders why Morgans seems to be supporting their escape. Morgans replies that he thinks one of the worst generations will become the next Pirate King.

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