One Piece Manga Chapter 902

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On Cocoa Island, Pudding remembers all of her experiences with Sanji as she stares at a scroll of film containing Sanji’s deleted memory of her kissing him. Inside the mirror world, Brûlée tends to Katakuri’s injuries. She reveals that she already saw his back hit the ground, but still looked up to him because he attacked the bullies who scarred her face when they were children.
Big Mom arrives at Cacao Island as the Sun Pirates and Germa 66 continue to fight, much to the delight of the Big Mom Pirates. However, the Straw Hats successfully managed to escape from Totto Land. Sanji learns of Pedro’s self-sacrifice from Carrot and prepares the crew for food just as Zeff did for Baratie.
After getting off Cocoa Island, Sanji remembers his first meeting with Pedro when he learned of his sacrifice. As Sanji expresses regret, Carrot tries to cheer him up, but he begins to cry. Sanji then comforts Carrot while Chopper tends to Luffy’s injuries.
Back on Cacao Island, Pudding sat in an alleyway thinking about her experience with Sanji. Turns out her last request was a kiss. She then removed the memory of the kiss before leaving Sanji. Pudding then starts crying.
The Sun Pirates and Germa 66 continue to battle the Big Mom Pirates. After hearing that the Straw Hats have escaped, Germa 66 prepares to withdraw.
Inside the Mirror World, Katakuri wakes up with Brulee tending to his wounds besides him. It is revealed that during childhood, some of the bullies that Katakuri beat up took revenge by cutting Brulee’s face. Enraged, Katakuri took revenge and attacked the bullies. Katakuri decided to cover his mouth since this incident. Back in the present, Brulee informs him that Luffy has escaped and Katakuri seems pleased with the news.
Meanwhile, Big Mom has arrived at Cocoa Island. Her crew cheers as Big Mom prepares to confront the Sun Pirates and Germa 66.
In the Thousand Sunny, Sanji decides to cook a meal, much to the delight of his crew. In Baratie, some pirates visit a restaurant and demand food. The chefs want to kick them out, but Zeff instead prepares a meal for them, saying that he will feed anyone who wants to eat.

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