One Piece Manga Chapter 903

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After their escape from Totto Land, the group receives a newspaper on the Thousand Sunny detailing Luffy’s recent deeds. He and Sanji will also receive new rewards.
Reports are spreading around the world pointing to Luffy being on his way to becoming the Fifth Emperor. The messages are received by various people such as the old acquaintances of the Straw Hats, the Four Emperors and the Kings going to Levela. Shirahoshi joins her family on their journey and Neptune plans to declare Fish-Man Island under Luffy’s protection. Meanwhile, Koby and Helmeppo thwart a pirate attack on the Dressrosa and Prodence Kingdom ships.
Sanji is angry at Niji for secretly giving him the Raid Suit and seemingly mocking him for his lack of power until the very end. Luffy and Chopper try to convince him to keep it. Sanji claims that he doesn’t need science to become stronger, with Nami showing off her Clima-Tact (which now contains Zeus) in response to Sanji’s dismissal from science. Just as Sanji tells the crew not to mention Germa 66 or the Vinsmoke Family again, Carrot announces that the papers have arrived. It is revealed that Sanji’s bounty has now increased to Beli.png330,000,000 and now says “Dead or Alive” again. Sanji is pleased to know that his reward is now higher than Zoro’s, but to his dismay, he finds that his poster now has the word “Vinsmoke” on it. Brook discovers that Luffy is also depressed as his reward has seemingly been reduced to Beli.png150,000,000. Nami is excited as it means less people will come for them, but Brook tells her that it hurts their captain’s pride .
The scene then cuts to Neptune and his sons preparing to leave Ryugu Kingdom for Levela, with Shirahoshi choosing to go with them in fear of Luffy calling her “Weakhoshi” again.
This leads to people all over the world reading newspapers saying that Luffy now commands a fleet of 5000 subordinates and that he would be on his way to becoming the Fifth Emperor. Among those reading these messages are Dalton and Dr. Kureha from Sakura Kingdom, Crocodile, Firetank Pirates and Princess Vivi. At the same time, Bartolomeo and Cavendish give interviews to journalists.
At Marine HQ, Admiral Akainu receives word that a ship containing representatives of the Kingdom of Lulusia has been attacked by pirates and that Princess Komane has been kidnapped. Akainu angrily asks how this happened.
The scene then changes to King Riku Dold III and King Elizabella playing chess as their ships dock side by side, with Rebecca recalling the news about Luffy. He then reminds the Tontattas not to talk about their connection with Luffy in the Mary Geoise since they are now pirates.
An unknown pirate crew in a submarine is watching the ships through their periscope when they decide to kidnap Princess Viola. At the same time, their captive, Princess Komane, begs to let her go in exchange for any amount of money they want. He then fires a torpedo at the ships, only to be intercepted by an unknown marine and deflected, narrowly missing the ships. It turns out that it was Captain Koby who saved them. It is also revealed that Lt. Helmeppo defeated the pirates, with Komane kicking them and swearing that they would all be defeated. Kyros recognizes Koby as a naval hero who once saved many civilians during the Rocky Port incident. He then thanks Koby for saving the royal families from pirates and comments on his humility. Koby denies his heroism until he notices Rebecca’s newspaper with news about Luffy. Rebecca then gives him the paper and he is proud of Luffy’s recent successes against Big Mom. She then asks Koby if he’s a fan of Luffy, which he tries to vehemently deny, but she sees through his attempts to deflect the conversation and promises to keep his secret with her.
All four emperors are reading a newspaper; Kaidou is upset that the pirate who destroyed his operations was in Big Mom’s territory, Blackbeard comments that naming Luffy Emperor is a bit premature, Big Mom angrily says that she has never been defeated and that both Luffy and the Morgans should watch their backs and Shanks he comments that they will be able to meet again soon.
Brook then looks at Luffy’s wanted poster and realizes that Luffy made a mistake counting zeros, which confuses him. Brook then announces that Luffy’s bounty is now actually Beli.png1 500,000,000 as the crew all look on in shock at this revelation.

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