One Piece Manga Chapter 900

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In New Marineford, Sakazuki discovers that Fujitora has gone to Mary Geoise. He sends Ryokugyu to get him out, but the two admirals have a friendly conversation instead. Meanwhile, several members of the royal family arrive at Red Harbor, where they are taken to Levely by Mary Geoise. Unbeknownst to anyone, the Revolutionary Army has infiltrated the Levels.
In an effort to combat the violence that the New Era would bring, the World Government decided to relocate Marineford at the entrance to the New World, where it stands as a much stronger fortress, under the command of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki.
In New Marineford, T Bone reports to Sakazuki that Fujitora is currently in Mary Geoise. Sakazuki is enraged by his shameful act of returning without the heads of Luffy and Law, but T Bone says that Fujitora disproved that Mary Geoise is not a naval base. Sakazuki got even angrier because it’s just a ridiculous technicality. Just then, Sengoku remarks that being a fleet admiral is a difficult job, much to Sakazuki’s annoyance. Sakazuki then asks who else will be going to Mary Geoise and is told that Admiral Ryokugyu will be there. Meanwhile, Fujitora and Ryokugyu have a civil conversation with Ryokugyu, ignoring Sakazuki’s order to deal with the former. After Fujitora spoke of his confidence that Dr. Vegapunka replaces the Seven Sea Warriors, he asks Ryokugyu if he’s still fasting and Ryokugyu laughs, then claims he hasn’t bothered to eat in 3 years.
One by one, royal families from all over the world arrive at the Red Port, which leads to the sacred land of Mary Geois. Royal families include King Beer VI of the Roshwan Kingdom along with his Matryo princesses, King Ham Burger of the Ballywood Kingdom, Queen Mororon of the Tajine Kingdom, and King Tacos of the Shishano Kingdom.
Also arriving is King Neptune of the Ryugu Kingdom, along with Princess Shirahoshi, Prince Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, and Manboshi, all accompanied by Vice Admiral Garp of Marine Corps Command. It is said that even though the Ryugu Kingdom has been part of the World Government for 200 years, this is only the second time it has participated in Levely. The journalists take advantage of this big news and take as many pictures as they can, with Attach wanting to print a special edition because of Shirahoshi’s beauty, but Morgans ignores him as he is too mesmerized by her beauty.
Garpa is then greeted by Sterry, the king of Goa Kingdom, who asks him if he knows who he is, only to be answered as some brat. Shocked by his rudeness, Sterry then reminds Garp that he is the king of the kingdom of which he is a citizen, and therefore Garp automatically becomes his subordinate.
Morgans then comments that despite the fact that the Kingdom of Goa is a “peaceful, rural country”, the place has produced some of the most accomplished criminals in the world, such as Ace, Sabo, Luffy, and Dragon, Garp being the exception.
It also shows how Sterry became the king of Goa Kingdom after the mysterious death of the previous king and prince.
Undeterred by his claim, Garp then asks Sterry to move as he is uncomfortable to look at. Hurt by his rudeness, he continues, putting it aside and asking Garp how to become a World Noble, to which Garp’s only reply is that Sterry is scum. Sterry is even more hurt by his rude behavior and thinks how his actions warrant the death penalty and how scary Garp is, only for Garp to tell him to forget what he just said.
The Neptune family reaches Bondola and part ways with Garp. As they ascend to Mary Geoise, Shirahoshi gazes in wonder at the sun and sky.
Scared to go after Bondola, Sterry screams when he sees the giant in the Red Line wall, but Ham Burger believes he was hallucinating. Sterry then wants the guard to shoot some crows in fear of them bursting the bubble, but the guard, revealed to be Sabo in disguise, tells Sterry not to worry.

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