One Piece Manga Chapter 907

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In the New World, Big Mom contacts Kaidou and tells him that she intends to kill Luffy, saying that Kaidou still owes her. Kaidou vows to kill Luffy before he can, as the marines intercept their conversation.

In Mary Geoise, Sterry is led to the Empty Throne and told to make a vow before it. Elsewhere, Charlos tries to have one of his slaves capture Shirahoshi so he can make her his pet, with CP0 preventing anyone from interfering. Just then, Charlos is struck by another world noble, none other than Donquijot Mjosgard, who declares that he intends to repay the debt he owes the Neptune family and the late Otohime no matter what.

Meanwhile, the Elder Five meet Shanks, who wishes to speak with them about a certain pirate.

On Whole Cake Island, Big Mom contacts Kaidou through Den Den Mushi and tells him to stay out of her way as she goes after Straw Hat Luffy, saying that she will be humiliated if she is not the one to kill him. Kaidou refuses, citing his own grudge against Luffy, and threatens to kill Big Mom if he interferes. Linlin then says that he owes her a big debt from the long past and insists that they work together on it like the good old days.

At New Marineford, it was revealed that the Marines had intercepted a conversation between the two Emperors, with their signal completely unencrypted, which they interpreted as a call to stop them. Kizaru offers to head out to deal with the situation, but Sakazuki tells him to wait as the strength of the samurai armies from Wano Country is unknown. At the Red Port, Garp laughs off the threat of the two emperors meeting even after mentioning that they are both going after his grandson Straw Hat Luffy, saying that the only ones who can stop it are everyone in Levely. Gion tells him that Sakazuki said not to interfere because Wano is out of their jurisdiction, but Hina remains concerned. Hina then mentions that Big Mom and Kaidou are the reason why Garp is a hero in the Navy. He also mentions the “Rocks”, which Garp states were from before Roger’s time and would be trouble if they were to return. Garp then smiles and says that the current situation will be bigger than anyone can imagine.

At Castle Pangea in Mary Geoise, Sterry is brought before the Empty Throne and told to make a symbolic vow before it. Sterry says he wants to sit in it, but the counselor says no one is allowed to do that, pointing out that the twenty weapons were the promise of the “first twenty” to establish a world government. The first twenty declared that no one should sit on the Empty Throne and that the world need not have one king. Sterry thinks that if he sat on it, he would be king of the world.

At the Mingling Plaza, Charlos grabs the giant slave Shirahoshi in front of everyone and plans to make her his pet, while Rebecca and Vivi yell at him to stop. Leo and Sai try to stop Charlos, only to be stopped by Rob Lucci and CP0, saying that whatever god wants, he will get regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Enraged, Neptune prepares to attack CP0 and Charlos while declaring that he can’t get his people to the surface, tearfully apologizing to Otohime while Vivi says that the World Nobles aren’t human at all. Just then, a figure appears and hits Charlos in the face with a mace before apologizing and ordering Shirahoshi released. The character then says that as a fellow World Noble, he is embarrassed by Charlos’ actions and for allowing him to pollute the square with fear. The character then says that even though Neptune may not remember him, the Ryugu Kingdom owes a great debt, especially to Otohime when he revealed himself to be Mjosgard. Mjosgard then says that Otohime showed him the error of his ways and made him human. He will thus support their efforts with all his might.

Meanwhile, the Five Elders prepare to meet the hooded figure alone and order their guards to leave. Their guest is Shanks, who wishes to speak with them about “a certain pirate”.

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