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One Piece Manga Chapter 912

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Luffy reveals to O-Tama that Ace has died, causing her to pass out. Her master Tenguyama Hitetsu reveals that Tama became close to Ace after he arrived in Wano Country and saved their home, the village of Amigasa, from famine. However, Amigasa Village was destroyed by X Drake during the Beasts Pirates takeover.
Luffy decides to take Tama to a doctor in the nearest town and borrows Hitetsu’s cursed Meito Nidai Kitetsu without Hitetsu’s permission. Luffy and Tama arrive in a vast polluted wasteland when they encounter Zoro rescuing a woman from attackers. Basil Hawkins then arrives to confront Luffy and Zoro as they reunite, and the two prepare to fight.
Long summary
Luffy makes it clear to O-Tama that he knows Ace as well, only to then reveal that he is dead. Tama is very shocked and refuses to believe Luffy before passing out. Her master, Tenguyama Hitetsu, berates Luffy for being insensitive and not waiting for a better time to reveal it. He reveals that he is a blade that, like Tama, was waiting for someone. It used to be a place called Amigasa Village, but X Drake, who became the headliner of the Beasts Pirates, destroyed the village after defeating the five samurai who were guarding it. The Flower Capital was now the only thriving place left in the land of Wano as Kaidou’s tyranny had turned everything else into a lawless wasteland. About four years ago, Amigasa Village was going through a famine. They all nearly starved to death when Ace and his crew washed ashore and the villagers tied them up and took their food. Ace ran away but was okay with what happened and decided to stay in the village for a few weeks, which was when he became close to Tama.
Luffy decides to go find a doctor, food, and water to repay Tama, and Hitetsu has him change into a kimono. While Hitetsu cannot accompany Luffy, he tells the pirate to look for someone to lend him money, or to find one of his allies who will help him for free. Luffy decides to take a sword with him to look like a samurai, but Hitetsu tries to stop him, revealing that it is the cursed O-class sword Wazamono Nidai Kitetsu, made by his ancestor Kotetsu. Luffy doesn’t care and runs off with Tama, despite Hitetsu not wanting the sword’s curse to harm Tama. Komachiyo approaches Luffy to give him and Tama a ride, and Tama regains consciousness as he continues to claim that Luffy is lying about Ace’s death. He remembers that she wanted to join Ace’s crew, and Ace told her that if she was strong when he came back, he would take her with him. Tama punches Luffy when he still refuses to believe him as the two come to a vast wasteland outside the Kuri Forest. Luffy sees several large animals running around and wants to catch them, but Tama reveals that they are poisonous due to drinking contaminated river water. He then reveals that Kaidou and the Shogun have their own clean farms to eat before passing out again, and Luffy has Komachiyo headed for a quarry and weapons factory in the distance.
Luffy then hears someone chasing a woman and wonders if it’s Sanji, but sees two scouts trying to rob her. The scouts are then suddenly cut down, and when Luffy sees their attacker reaching for booze, he realizes that it is Zoro. Luffy calls out to Zoro and the two are happily reunited. Zoro reveals that he was hunting animals in the area, which gave him a stomach ache. However, before they can help Tama, they are confronted by Basil Hawkins, who recognizes the nationally wanted criminal Zoro and the intruder Luffy. Hawkins says that in order to survive in Wano Country, they can either follow the strong or live in hiding, and Luffy and Zoro prepare to fight, later apologizing to Kin’emon for causing the disturbance.

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