One Piece Manga Chapter 913

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After a short conversation, Luffy and Zoro fight Hawkins and his men with Hawkins showing the power of his Wara Wara no Mi, allowing him to redirect any damage done to him to one of his men. Komachiyo drags the two straw hats away from the battle and the woman Zoro saved earlier introduces herself as Tsuru.
Seeing Tama in critical condition, Tsuru asked the two Straw Hats to bring Tama to her tea room so she could help her. They later arrive at Okobore City and at the top of Mount Bepo, Shachi and Penguin saw Luffy and Zoro.
When Hawkins confronts Luffy and Zoro in the wasteland, he asks them if they know who really controls Wano. Zoro replies that he doesn’t and Luffy brazenly says that it’s Kaidou and he’s there to defeat him. Hawkins reads Luffy and Zoro’s fate and states that there is a 19% chance that the Straw Hats will be alive at the end of the month.
Zoro notices the death curse on the sword that Luffy is currently carrying and asks his captain if he could borrow the Nidai Kitetsu for a while. Luffy ignores Zoro’s request and throws away the scabbard of the sword. Luffy then attacks one of Hawkins’ henchmen, but uses a fist instead of a blade. One of the Beasts Pirates’ giant lizards tries to attack Luffy, but Luffy dodges, grabs it, and throws it at Hawkins, who stops the lizards with his straw sword. After knocking down some of his enemies, Zoro continues to attack Hawkins with a flying slash to the face, but the damage is redirected to one of Hawkins’ men. Hawkins explains how his Wara Wara no Mi works and conjures a giant straw entity. Hawkins then licks the Fool card face down, prompting his men to attack each other.
Komachiyo intervenes and drags the two Straw Hats away from the battle as Tama is breathing heavily and needs medical attention. As the trio escapes, Hawkins draws another card, the Hierophant in reverse, causing him to chase the straw entity with the Straw Hats. The straw figure unleashes a flurry of nails that injure Zoro on the head. After Zoro cuts the summoned scarecrow in two, Hawkins pulls out the Hierophant again, meaning someone will help them escape. After they get away from Hawkins, the woman Zoro saved earlier introduces herself as Tsuru. He then asks about Tama’s background and status. Seeing Tama sick, Tsuru asks Luffy and Zoro to bring Tama to her tea room so she can make medicine for her.
In Okobore Town, a sumo wrestler named Urashima tries to court Kiku, a teahouse worker, to become his wife. Urashima continues to brag about his status until Tsuru arrives with his new companions. At the top of a certain mountain, Bepo, Shachi and Penguin spot Luffy and Zoro through binoculars.

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