One Piece Manga Chapter 914

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Tsuru heals Tama and feeds her. She reveals that the Kozuki family ruled the land of Wano over 20 years ago, but her speaking causes two Gifters named Batman and Gazelleman to come and attack. Gazelleman kidnaps Tama and takes her to the Bakura District, where some Beasts Pirates and government officials reside, including the main characters Basil Hawkins, Holed’em, and Speed. Luffy and Zoro head to Bakura on Komachiyo and are joined by Kiku, who claims to be a samurai. Meanwhile, Law hears of Luffy and Zoro’s arrival and goes to stop them from causing trouble.
At Tsuru’s teahouse in Okobore Town, Tama, who recently received herbal tea from Tsuru, is recovering from her illness. Tsuru warns Tama that the herb helps the body recover, but does not deny the poison and instructs Tama to rest. However, Tama’s stomach starts to growl and the girl rushes back to the river to calm it down, much to Tsuru’s anger.
Meanwhile, Luffy and Zoro sit outside while Kiku tends to his injuries and notices Kiku’s physical before the formal introduction. They are then interrupted by Tama, who refuses to eat the sweet red bean soup that Tsuru made for her because she can’t afford it, and Tsuru’s poor condition, just as she is ashamed of it after Tsuru treated her. Tsuru gets angry at Tama for rejecting the food she prepared for her and accepts the food on Kiku’s advice.
Tama walks out and sits between Luffy and Zoro who urge her to eat her food, which she eventually does and is charmed by the taste. Luffy is surprised and asks if this is her first time eating food, which she confirms before remembering Hitetsu’s talk about Tama’s eating habits. While Tama greatly enjoys the meal, Tsuru becomes emotional as Tama declares that it was the best day of her life.
After eating, Tama takes a nap while Tsuru talks to Luffy and Zoro about the poor state of the land and people of Wano Country. They then introduce themselves as Zorojuro and Luffytaro. Tsuru continues to talk about the origin and way of life in the town of Okobore and the history of the land of Wano and the Kozuki family. He tells them about a time twenty years ago when the family ruled Wano and that it was a prosperous country that he calls “paradise” and how the country ended up the way it is now under Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. . He tells them about a farm controlled by Orochi that has clean water and edible produce, while the town of Okobore survives by purchasing old raw materials from a neighboring town inhabited by the rulers of the land.
Tsuru is then targeted by an arrow and is saved at the last moment by Zoro drawing his sword and blocking it. Archer turns out to be Batman, whose hearing is excellent thanks to the bat SMILE he ate. He claims to have heard Tsuru speak ill of the Shogun, and when Zoro asks him if that is any reason to kill her, Batman replies that it is the Shogun’s will. Batman then accuses Zoro and Luffy of robbing the farm and showers them with arrows, which Zoro blocks. Surprised, Batman identified Zoro as the wanted “One-Eyed Ronin”. Meanwhile, Kiku rushes to Tsuru and protects her, but this leads to Tama being captured by Gazelleman, a SMILE gazelle user, who escapes at high speed thanks to his gazelle legs. Kiku grabs the sword and goes after Komachiyo, chasing him.
Surprised, Zoro questions Kiku’s actions and Tsuru reveals that Kiku is actually well trained in the art of swordsmanship. Luffy and Zoro join her in pursuit, but are held back by Batman’s arrows. This causes Zoro to believe that Tama’s kidnapping was planned. Kiku pulls out a notepad and heads to Bakura Town, a neighboring government-controlled town, after reading it, informing Luffy and Zoro of the rival headliners Beasts Pirates residing there and 30 SMILE users. Shocked by her vast knowledge, they ask who exactly Kiku is, answering “samurai”.
While Gazelleman contacts Holed’em, one of the main officials of Bakura City, and informs him of Tama’s capture, Luffy and his team enter the gate of Bakura City. Elsewhere, on top of the mountain, the Heart Pirates inform their captain Trafalgar D. Water Law of Luffy’s arrival in Wano and entering the city. Law then panics and orders his crew to stop Luffy before he causes any trouble.

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