One Piece Manga Chapter 916

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Urashima tries to kill Kiku for rejecting him and cuts his top knot, but Luffy intervenes and challenges him to a sumo match. Luffy dodges all of Urashima’s attacks and pushes him out of the ring with Gear 3, smashing through several houses including Holed’em’s. After learning of the group’s intention to save Tama, the beast pirates attack Luffy, Zoro, and Kiku. Holed’em confronts Luffy as he threatens to kill Tama, and Hawkins and his men head to Bakura City to attack as well.
Onlookers stare in shock as Kiku sheathes her sword after cutting Urashima’s top knot. Urashima is quickly enraged and Kiku is taken aback and wonders at this shameful act. Despite asking for Urashima’s forgiveness, he prepares to unleash the full force of his Harith attack on Kiku. However, Luffy counters Urashima’s strike with an open palm with his own hand and the two clash in a powerful clash. The impact pushes them both back to the edges of the ring and they struggle to hold onto it as they move away from the edge. After regaining his balance, Urashima tells Luffy to get out of his way, saying that he needs to tear Kiku apart to protect his honor. Luffy has no problem with that, but he wants to challenge Urashi to a sumo match first.
Urashima unleashes rapid strikes, but Luffy dodges them all. The sumo wrestler then tries to illegally remove Luffy’s head and eyes, but misses again. Meanwhile, the samurai reports to Holed’em about what Kiku did to Urashima, but the headliner doesn’t care as he tries to pull the food out of Tama’s face. Recalling that Tama mentioned the Kozuki family earlier, Holed’em tells her not to cling to them, saying that 20 years ago they planned to destroy the land of Wano. Back in the sumo ring, Luffy stretches his arm far back and enlarges his forearm to slam his massive palm into Urashima’s entire body. The force of the attack sends Urashima flying out of the ring and through several buildings, leaving him in ruins.
The audience is horrified by Urashima’s defeat and notices that wanted criminal Zoro is with Luffy and Kiku. They go to tell Holed’em when Luffy declares his intention to save Tama, and the Gifters and the samurai under Holed’em attack. Luffy and Zoro invite them to take Holed’em out while they and Kiku overpower the fighters and a fire breaks out in the city. Holed’em then calls out to Luffy from atop the roof, holding Tama in the lion’s mouth, and he reveals that his house was destroyed when Luffy sent Urashi to fly into it. He asks if they are underlings of the Thief Shutenmaru and tells them not to move or he will crush Tamu with his lion jaws. Outside the city of Bakura, Basil Hawkins is in contact with the pirates inside as he and his men head to help them, and elsewhere, Bepo falls ill after eating a poisoned fish. While dealing with his subordinate, Law learns from Shachi about the fire and Hawkins’ arrival in Bakura City.

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