One Piece Manga Chapter 917

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Headliner Speed ​​brings clean food from Orochi’s Paradise Farm, prompting Holed’em’s confrontation with Luffy, Zoro, and Kiku. Kiku warns Luffy that attacking Holed’em will incur the wrath of Jack, who recently returned to Wano Country. However, after seeing the food brought by Speed, Luffy becomes enraged and attacks Holed’em’s lion Kamijiro, freeing Tama. After seeing what Holed’em did to Tama, Luffy punches Red Hawk in the headliner’s face. Meanwhile, a disguised Law detains Hawkins and intends to take him out to prevent further information from spreading.
In the town of Okobore, a mother silences her son, who cries of hunger, while a father rushes to Tsuru to try to get some jjagan grass after his child drinks water from the river. However, deep within the city of Bakura is a “Paradise Farm” overflowing with good food and water. One of the workers there is only paid five pieces of silver for his efforts and is beaten when he claims that it cannot support his family. Headliner Beasts Pirates Speed ​​is bringing a cart of provisions out of Paradise Farm and intends to take it to his crew when he hears the fire bell ring. He oversees the effort to put out the fire when he notices that Holed’em’s house has been reduced to rubble.
Meanwhile, as Tama calls for help, Holed’em taunts Luffy, Zoro, and Kiku, saying that his lion Kamijiro will tear her to pieces if any of them move. Holed’em asks the trio if they know about the Tama Devil Fruit ability and says that they will be held hostage to lure Shutenmaru, who is the leader of the thieves of Mt. The Atama Thieves who were responsible for the theft at Paradise Farm a few weeks ago. . Holed’em believes that someone as powerful as Luffy must be Shutenmaru’s top subordinate. Kiku warns Luffy not to anger Holed’em because everyone in town is afraid of Jack, who is the true ruler of Kuri and supports Holed’em. Luffy and Zoro recognize Jack’s name and are surprised that he is alive as they thought he had sunk to the bottom of the ocean. However, Kiku reveals that Jack was seen in the area a few days ago, so he would come to make the area a wasteland if Holed’em is attacked.
This angers Luffy and Holed’em simply laughs as he increases Kamijiro’s pressure on Tama. Speed ​​then arrives with a cart of supplies, wanting to know what’s going on. The Beasts Pirates rejoice after seeing the food and Luffy is angry that only they have it. He and Zoro then prepare to attack, and as Hawkins and his men head into the city, they are suddenly confronted by the Law. Wearing a basket over his head so Hawkins doesn’t recognize him, Law intends to quickly dispose of his colleague Supernova.
Meanwhile, Holed’em decides to execute Kiku, but as his men continue to carry out the order, Luffy attacks Kamijiro without batting an eye and frees Tama. As Luffy races off with Tama in his arms, Zoro defeats the Beasts Pirates below and Komachiyo frees Kiku and leaves Bakura City. Luffy then notices Tamina’s bruised face and she reveals that Holed’em tried to pull the food out of her with tongs. Enraged, Luffy then drops Tama and extends his arm, and Holed’em has Kamijiro breathe fire at Luffy as he prepares to strike the pirate with his Karakuri sword. However, Luffy is unharmed by the fire and hits Holed’em in the face with Red Hawk while Tama is still falling.

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